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A handful guideline for IVF Treatment in Turkey for a wonderful journey of motherhood


A handful guideline for IVF Treatment in Turkey for a wonderful journey of motherhood

The core definition of IVF

IVF or in vitro fertilization introduces the magical surgical procedure of fertilization. The process of IVF Treatment is mainly famous for its assisted reproductive technology. In this surgical process both the medicine, surgical process have been used in order to help sperm to fertilize an egg. Additionally, this modern process also features the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus. Through this procedure, any woman can get pregnant as pregnancy only happens if any embryos directly have implanted in your uterus.

Step by step IVF cycle

Let us explore the step wise procedure of in vitro fertilization that can keep you many spaces forward towards motherhood. So you can opt for IVF Treatment in Turkey to get a satisfactory result.

  • The first step includes fertility medication for particular months so that it helps ovaries to produce mature eggs. Actually, in the first step, you need to go for ovulation induction.
  • In the second step, interested women must go for minor surgical process that is called egg retrieval where surgeon will remove mature eggs from your ovaries.
  • The doctor will always keep their eyes on your ovaries during the process. In the next step an ultrasound has been used to check out the follicles.
  • The surgeon mix mature eggs with sperm cells that have been collected from your partners.
  • In the next step the fertilization happened and it will take 5-6 days for embryo development.
  • The last step features embryo transfer and you must take rest for at least one day after Embryo transfer.

From the next day, you can go back to your normal work activities again. The most important task that you need to remember is you have to consult your surgeons for taking pills for the survival of embryo in the uterus.

Side effects of IVF

Like all the medication, surgical process, the IVF Treatment also has some possible side effects.

Let us know about the side effects of IVF.

  • Cramping 
  • Breast tenderness 
  • Headaches
  • Bleeding
  • Mood swings
  • Bloating

How much IVF costs you?

IVF treatment is pretty expensive for you to afford as the fee cost includes all the tasks such as medicine, anesthesia,lab job, embryo transplantation. Generally, the fee of 1 cycle of IVF is approximately $ 15000. However, if you are opting for IVF Treatment in Turkey, then you can get this service within your budget.

If you also want to feel the motherhood, see a little smiling face in your lap then you can undoubtedly opt for IVF Treatment. This magical treatment is not so painful and the professionals of Turkey will take proper care of you.


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