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Advantages and disadvantages of getting a nose job in istanbul


Advantages and disadvantages of getting a nose job in istanbul

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul has so many well-known cosmetic surgery clinics, that people from every part of the world come here to make their appearance better. If you are one of them, then you have made the right choice. You will be at the hands of most experienced surgeons here. But before the surgery, it’s better know about some factors of this surgery.

Advantages of Rhinoplasty or nose job.

There are many advantages of getting a nose job and that’s probably why people and celebrities as well often go under the procedure. But if you are still not able making up your mind about this, then these benefits may be able to change your mind.

  • Appearance- Well this is probably the first thing why people want to have a nose job done on themselves. After getting the nose job in Istanbul cost you will be getting a new you. You nose will appear just the way you like it and not only that it will also enhance your other facial features. If you have not been happy with the way you looked before, then you can kiss those days bye. Because after the surgery you will fall in adoration with your improve self.
  • Confidence- With new and improved appearance, you will regain all the confidence back again. As said before, if you have not been fully happy with the way you look you probably have faced the lack of confidence. With the help of nose job, you will again feel confident about yourself.
  • Improved nasal activities- If you have been suffering from any nasal discomfort then you can get rid of it by getting nose job in Istanbul. Respiratory issues will be solved and removed from your life permanently. Not only that, you will also be able to sleep in peace and let others sleep in peace without snoring.

Disadvantages of getting a nose job

  • Sometimes when you have not appoint a good surgeon for your nose job in Istanbul, you may not be satisfied with the end results.
  • You also may feel irritation after the surgery if the whole process has not been done properly.
  • Because our nose has thick skin, sometimes that comes the way of getting the ideal result and a perfect nose tip. So, if the overlaying skin is too thick then you may not get the ideal result.
  • You must have realistic expectations about the result. Do not wish to have the same nose as your favourite celebrity as their nose structure may totally be different from yours. So, it’s better to stock with reality.
  • You may feel irritation, bleeding and soreness.
  • The swelling can also be a side effect but it usually goes away after some time. And if it doesn’t, then you should talk to your doctor.
  • Sometimes, the nose job in Istanbul cost can be more than you can bear.
  • If you feel pain while breathing even after some days after the surgery then take actions quickly to fix it.

Choose someone with experience

Choosing the best surgeon is the best precaution you can take. Don’t worry about the nose job in Istanbul cost if you want a problem free results. There are so many experienced and skilled doctors here in Istanbul that you are bound get the best result as you have desired. You will just need to pick up the phone and fix an appointment now.


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