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An overview to hypertension and its treatments


An overview to hypertension and its treatments

Globally, hypertension is one of the most common diseases affecting a large percentage of the global population every year. The exact factors that cause hypertension are not ascertained. But it has been largely linked to lifestyle and basic health parameters. When suffering from a blood pressure higher than 120/80 you must get into treatment.

If left untreated the blood pressure may soar to cause you fatal damage and even stroke or death. Hypertension badly affects all the major organs like heat, brain and kidneys. Hypertension and its treatment demand urgency and regularity. Gain a detailed understanding about hypertension here.

What is hypertension?

Hypertension is a health condition that results in increased force of blood against the blood vessels. As the name suggests, the condition forces the heart to work harder to push the blood through arteries. A regular test by physician will indicate the measure of blood pressure. If found higher you must take up treatment.

How to know if your blood pressure exceeds the normal limits?

The normal limits of blood pressure are 120/80. Here 120 is the mark for systolic blood pressure and 80 is the mark for diastolic blood pressure. If you blood pressure exceeds any of the systolic of the diastolic mark, it may indicate that you are suffering from hypertension. But sometimes, you blood pressure may rise temporarily. It may be caused due to some temporary illness or stress. Regular monitoring is required to understand if it is a chronic condition. Hypertension and its treatments are easily accessible. You must go for expert advice on how to keep your blood pressure within limits. 

Treatment of hypertension

Treatment of hypertension consists of two parts as mentioned below.

  • Medicines as prescribed by physician.
  • Lifestyle modifications.

Drugs used for treatment of hypertension - Physicians treat hypertension with a range of drugs. These are prescribed to deal with the various conditions that cause hypertension. Thus there is no standard drug that works for all. Some of the common drugs that are prescribed are angiotensin-converting enzymes, angiotensin II receptor blockers, beta blockers, calcium channel blocker, rennin blocker, combination medication, alpha-agonists.

The working of these medicines is best understood by physicians and it is highly recommended that you may never change your hypertension drug without prescription from your physician. If your hypertension condition does not show signs of improvement or blood pressure shoots up occasions, your physician may consider a change or combine new medicines. Hypertension must be treated with medicines only, there is no surgery involved.

Lifestyle modification - The second step to successful treatment of hypertension is lifestyle modification. A number of lifestyle factors contribute towards higher hypertension. Some of the main factors are listed below.

  • Obesity. Higher body mass index results contribute towards hypertension.
  • Smoking and drinking. If diagnosed with hypertension, you must stop smoking and limit alcohol intake significantly.
  • Include physical activity as part of your days. Exercises like brisk walking and mild aerobics helps in keeping your blood pressure in check.
  • Reduce sodium in your diet. Keep it limited to 1,500 milligrams a day.
  • Eat healthy and fresh, avoiding fried food.

Difference between hypertension and essential hypertension

As you go for treatment you may hear the term “essential hypertension”. According to studies majority of hypertension cases are essential hypertension as because the underlying causes cannot be ascertained. Mostly in people above the age of 40 suffer from this kind of hypertension. This condition needs regular medication.

When cause due to some definite cause, trauma or health condition, hypertension and its treatment is devised in accordance to the present condition causing the surge in blood pressure.


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