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Providing The Perfect Shape To Breasts Of All Sizes


One of the vital parts of a woman’s body is her breasts. They not only define her individuality but also give her body a beautiful shape. Breasts give you the curves that are desirable and appealing. However, there are many girls and women who have been born with no breasts or have breasts with wrong sizes. Due to some injuries or accidents breasts can lose their original shapes and become deformed. This hinders the psychology of the person concerned and hampers the mental peace.

In such situations, mammaplasty becomes a true savior.  Mammaplasty removes almost all the problems related to breast shapes. Several techniques are used while conducting mammaplasty. The problems related to breasts are the complete absence of breasts, sagging breasts that occur after gaining or losing body weight, shrinkage of breasts post-pregnancy or after breastfeeding, wrong breast shapes and sizes. It has been very common among women who have lost their breasts after an accident or breast cancer. 

Application of Mammaplasty

The technique that is the most commonly used is the one where an incision is made to put a silicone breast prosthesis alongside breast augmentation. Body fat is injected after extracting the fat from the concerned person’s body in liquid form and is injected in the tissues. Silicone prostheses are performed for different and various shapes and are used according to the person’s desire. Mammaplasty is mainly used to determine the shape of the breasts keeping in mind the person’s height, weight and body form. 

The patient and the surgeon discuss about the desired shape of the breasts. Symmetry is maintained as both the breasts should have the same size and shape. Drawings are made on the chest of the patient before the operation takes place. With the help of mammaplasty silicone prostheses are planted in the armpits and under the breasts after small cuts are made. 

While using the trackless operation, fat is injected in the breasts. However, this method is not much favoured nor has it gained much popularity. It is mainly because there is no guarantee where the fat will remain intact. There are chances that the fat may return to its former form or might happen to react with the body. In both the cases it will become a problematic situation. Besides enhancing the breast shape you can also opt for the reduction of the breast size. 

It is a myth that mammaplasty might cause breast cancer. Instead it might do away with cancerous cells. 

Types of breast prostheses

The two types of silicone breast prostheses are hard and soft. The hard one makes the breasts firm and stiff unlike the soft ones which give a natural look. The soft prostheses are made with newer technology and happen to be more comfortable than the hard ones. 

Once the operation takes place complete care is to be taken of the breasts. They have to be secured against any kind of injury. Lifting of heavy weight is a strict ‘no no’. Movement of the arm might be restricted for a while so that it does not cause any strain to the cuts.

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