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Comprehensive Guide to Implant Applications in Turkey


Comprehensive Guide to Implant Applications in Turkey

What are Dental Implants?

A Dental implant is a small titanium screw placed within the jawbone to replace a missing or broken tooth. Titanium naturally integrates with your tooth enamel and is also used for knee or hip replacements. In case you are missing multiple teeth, a bridge is attached to the implants. Implant applications in Turkey lift your face and look completely natural.

Types of implant applications in Turkey

Dental implants are the best option for people who have lost a tooth due to injury or to some periodontal disease. There are two main types of dental implants

  1. Endosteal (in the bone)
     This is the most common type of dental implant in Turkey. This application uses screws, cylinders, or blades that are surgically placed into the jawbone. Each implant can hold more than one prosthetic teeth. It’s a great alternative for patients with bridges or removable crowns.
  2. Subperiosteal (on the bone)
    These are preferred by patients who have a low bone height or unable to wear conventional dentures. The implant application is placed on top of the jaw with the metal framework bulges out to hold the prosthesis structure.

Procedure for Dental Implant

Implant applications in Turkey present a great alternative to patients from Europe. Turkey is known for awesome dental surgeons and you can totally really on the quality of the surgeon. Dental implants are teamwork between you, periodontist and dentist. A periodontist creates a specific plan tailored to meet your requirement.

  • If you are missing a single tooth it’s sufficient to implant a single crown to replace the decayed portion.
  • The implants are connected with bridges in case of multiple teeth missing.
  • Full bridge crown treatment is the best choice for implant applications in turkey for missing a whole set of teeth.
  • A sinus augmentation is a specialized treatment for implanting teeth in the upper back jaw. This involves raising the sinus floor and developing bone for the placement of dental implants.
  • Deformity in the upper and lower jaw can leave little room to place dental implants. The gum is lifted away from the ridge to expose the defect. Then ridges are built as bone substitutes for filling the gap. Ridge treatment improve your aesthetics and lasts for a long time.

Advantages of Implant Applications in Turkey

There are four main benefits of dental implants which are explained through this table.



Improve face aesthetics

Implant applications in Turkey function like natural teeth. These are extremely comfortable and there is no need to remove them for cleaning

Last Forever

Implants if properly cared last for a long time. Dental bridges might need to be replaced after 10 years requiring an investment of time and money

Build Your Confidence

Dental implants are secured structures so there are zero chances of slipping. You will have complete peace of mind and smile broader

Protect Facial Bones

Empty spaces in the mouth can lead to jawbone deterioration. Dental implants are the only procedure that helps stimulate bone growth and prevent loss.

Implant applications in Turkey come at a lower cost and also doesn’t compromise on the quality. Titanium implants in Turkey are manufactured from 100% grade 4 or 5 titanium. So, these are extremely durable and biocompatible. Head to Turkey for low-cost implants and lifetime guarantee.


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