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Delivering the fine concept of Otoplasty in Istanbul


Delivering the fine concept of Otoplasty in Istanbul

Here within the following line, we are going to explore the different aspects of Otoplasty in istanbul. The rise of Otoplasty or ear surgery in Istanbul in the recent years has made Turkey a hotspot for medical tourism.

What is Otoplasy?

Otoplasty is a type of cosmetic plastic surgery. This is a surgical procedure, where the surgeon operates on the exterior of the ear to reform its shape, size and position. People get an ear surgery if they are unsatisfied with the shape size and position o their ears. This has a medical aspect too. Otoplasty can be opted if someone has some defect in the structure of the ear from birth or owing to any injury. It is seen that ear surgery in Istanbul has garnered a lot of attention from many international medical tourists. Every year thousands of aspiring patients fly to Istanbul in Turkey to get an ear transformation.

What is the cost of ear surgery in Turkey?

Cosmetic surgery in Turkey knows the value of money. Turkey has proved itself to be one of the countries to deliver quality cosmetic surgery at a low rate. The surgery charges, as well as the medication cost in Turkey, are quite low that any other medical tourism spots. They have for you the best experts and doctors to serve you with their expertise and utmost care without pinching a hole n your wallets. You will get an inexpensive hi-quality service is the clinics of Turkey. The ear surgery cost in Istanbul will come to an average of 1500-2000 dollars approximately. While the maximum cost can reach up to approximately 3000-4000 dollars.

How to recover from an ear surgery?

The recovery time for ear surgery is short. A patient can recover from the ear surgery within a few weeks of the surgery. Within two to three weeks, a patient can go back to his or her normal life. Post surgery distress can be experienced, but that can be controlled with medical advice and proper medication. The patients must wear a headband around their ear after the bandages are removed. Warm compression is advised. Medication is given to avoid scar formation. It is advised, after an ear surgery, the patient must avoid holding hot stuff too close to the ear and any touch sport. Keeping the head erect helps in reducing the post surgery swelling in and around the ear. Wetting the ear should be avoided. The risk of internal blood hemorrhage remains. Thus, make sure to contact your doctor if any pain or discomfort is experienced after the surgery.

Are you thinking of getting an ear surgery performed on yourself? What are you waiting for? Fly out to Turkey to get the best for your ears. You don’t have to be uncomfortable or conscious about your appearance anymore. Get ready to feel confident in your skin and conquer the world with your beauty.


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