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Distinguish Facts from myths about Hair transplant Istanbul


Distinguish Facts from myths about Hair transplant Istanbul

Aesthetics industry for women and men has no boundaries. Every year billions are spent in pursuit of looking good and seize the onslaught of ageing. The popularity of Liposuction in Turkey confides the truth. Looking as you look is a wonderful liberty, yet trying to fix some issues here and there is wonderful too. Hair transplant has truly revolutionized people look at baldness and hair loss. But before taking decision for hair transplant Istanbul and liposuction you must know facts from myths.

The myths surrounding hair transplant

Myth 1  Hair transplant is only for men.

Many people around the world think that baldness is men’s issue and hair transplant is only for men. The truth is that women too can opt for hair transplant. True that men’s pattern of baldness is more visible and is different from that of women but hair transplant works for them both.

Myth 2 – Hair transplant is one time treatment.

Hair transplant does not cover the risk of further hair fall. Continuous medical treatment is further needed to retain the hairs. This may be oral tablets, ointments and medicines relating to hormonal imbalance relating to hair fall.

Myth 3 – Hair transplant Gives instant results.

Unlike common belief it needs week’s time before the blood supply is established with hair roots and start growing. It takes around sixty days before the roots actually start growing. Keep these facts helps you choose better have a clear idea about what to expect as you undergo the process of hair transplantation.

Hair transplant in Turkey – Is it safe?

Turkey and particularly Istanbul has emerged as one of the preferred destinations for hair transplant globally. The reasons are many for which every year thousands of people visit here for hair transplant Istanbul. Such is the popularity that there are number specialist plastic surgeons and number of hospitals offering hair transplant treatment is also very high. But you must choose right to get the best treatment.

How to choose the right clinic in Turkey

  • You must go for treatment in clinics that have approval from local authorities. They offer standard treatments procedures and high standards of care and caution.

  • Go for clinics that have high success rate of hair transplant treatment. Patient’s testimonials and references can be useful resources. Check the web for comments and reviews for the clinic and you get the real picture. There are clinics which are very highly rated and do offer extremely good treatments.

  • In hair transplant Istanbul treatments are offered by plastic surgeons only. It is also highly recommended that you opt for a plastic surgeon only as there is hardly any separate branch of hair transplant in Turkey.

  • Hair transplants are medical procedures and also have relative possibilities of complications like any other medical process. Choose hospital or clinic that is equipped to handle any concerning complication if it occurs any time during or after the transplant process.

Liposuction in Turkey –How to choose the best?

Liposuction is the process of extracting the extra body fat which is stubborn enough not to get rid off with diet and exercise. A plastic dermatologist offers liposuction in Turkey. If you have ever fancied for flat tummies and tone buttocks, you can give liposuction a try. But it is a medical process and must be carried out by expert surgeons. You must also be sound health to get operated.

The process is not recommended for patients who have heart diseases. A good surgeon would definitely advice about how to prepare for the operation and offer standard after care. Liposuction in Turkey helps you go home the same day. If the process is done at reputed hospital or clinic, you can trust it to be safe.


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