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Eyes: The Windows To The World


You can send your prescriptions and eye test reports along with our application form on our official website. These will be examined and gone through by our experts who will then assist at their earliest.

It is our endeavour to deliver our best service to all that come to us. With our expert eye specialists and surgeons, we have had almost an extremely high success rate. We have dealt with serious and complex cases too but have been successful in giving vision to the patients.

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When dead people die, they donate their eyes to someone who is visually impaired and can undergo eye transplantation. It is basically cornea transplantation. It has a high success rate and none of the healthy parts of the eyes are damaged by this treatment.

Eye Transplantation

This disease occurs right at the centre of the retina. People above the age of 50 usually experience this problem. It might also cause vision problem in the advanced level. Photodynamic therapy can be instrumental in curing this eye problem. Also, you can opt for a drug therapy as advised by your eye surgeon.

Macular Degeneration

  • People who have had eye surgery before
  • Patients with Keratoconus, Rheumatism and Diabetes
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding mothers

This laser treatment is used to treat myopia, astigmatism and hypermetropia. It is a safe treatment that has been approved by FDA. Complete examination of the eye has to be done before proper diagnosis can commence. Excimer Laser can treat or correct the entire defect. However, the following people cannot be given this treatment.

Excimer Laser

For treating this disease, spectacles are provided to the patient. One of the most effective and potential treatments is the intraocular ring treatment. It remains invisible and can be removed by the patient as and when he or she wants to. With the help of the crosskinking method this disease can be treated. In this method of treatment, the molecules of the cornea can be influenced. Corneal transplant is also another option for this disease.

The topcoat of the eye is known as cornea. It is a transparent area and is extremely sensitive.  When it starts to thin rapidly Keratoconus occurs. It happens more among the adolescents during their adolescent years. However, it is noticed only when they happen to hit their twenties. It is a frequent disease and is treated by expert eye specialists.


  • Laser therapy
  • Drug therapy
  • Surgical therapy

There are three ways to treat Glaucoma:

The optic nerve in the eye is important for a good vision. However, it gets damaged by an eye condition which is termed as Glaucoma. It is caused due to high eye pressure. The final stage for glaucoma is blindness and people above the age of 60 happen to experience it. Some of the symptoms for it are blurred vision, nausea, severe eye ache, headache, halos around lights and vomiting. Once it is detected it is wise to start early treatment and the affected eye must be checked regularly.

Eye Pressure

The structure of the eyes consists of some extra special condensers. When these condensers become transparent, it leads to a stage when our vision is blurred. Usually cataract occurs when you age. It is generally not seen in the younger people. These condensers become transparent due to external factors. At an advanced level of the cataract, people might confuse one thing for the other because their vision is hampered. It is not a serious ailment and can be easily cure with the help of a surgery and your vision will be as good as new.


There are several eye diseases that people suffer from. Some of these are stated below and their treatment has also been mentioned here.

Since we at XXX know the value and importance of your eyes, we provide you our best services in eye care. Eyes happen to suffer from diseases or disorders. With age your eyesight begins to dim and also you suffer from several eye problems. Both external and internal factors affect the eyes. The eyes can be harmed due to injuries, during conception of the child or in an accident. It is recommended that you consult an eye specialist as soon as you witness any abnormalities in your eyes.

What would have this world been if not for the eyes? Well, the answer is, the beauties of the world would not have been appreciated or praised. One of the five sense organs, eyes hold a special place in our human body. Eyes let us learn, observe, enjoy and live. Had it not been for the eyes then we would not have known our dear ones, seen the beautiful nature or lived life the way we happen to live.

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