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Feel young and look younger at Botox Clinic in Istanbul


Feel young and look younger at Botox Clinic in Istanbul

How botox treatment works?

In simple words, botox is kind of a road blocker. Basically, once the injection is injected in a specific area, botox blocks the nervous signal of that area that signals the muscle to tense up. If used for a longer time then your muscle can get weaker and numb too. Plus, you will no longer see the line appear when you frown. That means, you will no longer be able to frown or make any kind of facial expressions while you are getting botox at the best botox clinic in Istanbul. Once you have stopped taking them however, your frown lines and wrinkle will appear much more quickly.

Reasons for using Botox

  • Lines besides both sides of the nose (bunny lines)
  • Crows feet (corner of eyes)
  • Low eyebrows
  • Muscle bands on the neck (turkey neck)
  • Vertical lines between the eyes (Frown Lines)
  • Downturned corners of the mouth
  • Forehead lines
  • Deep lines beside the nose
  • Droopy eyebrows
  • Smoker’s lines (around mouth)

Common reasons to get botox…

Wrinkle and fine lines

The most common reason why millennials and people from around the world goes to Botox clinic in Istanbul. We cannot stop aging but we can stop the signs. The fine lines on the forehead, muscles under your brows, and the visible line besides your eyes can be removed with this procedure. After getting the injection on these parts, the muscle will freeze and stop getting tensed, thus, you will no longer have lines or wrinkles there.

Sharpen up the jawline

A sharp jawline is like a bless to have. But with age that also gets taken away from us. There are many surgeries to reshape your jaw structures but that can be too risky and costly to even think about. So as an alternative, you can go to the best Botox clinic in Istanbul for the easy way out. Botox attacks the masseter muscle of your jawline to reduces your jaw size. At the end you will see a much better and sharp jawline like you used to before.

Reducing the turkey neck or excess neck muscles

The neck area is the worst part that gets ruined with aging. The muscles in your neck starts to get visible bends and deeper lines the more you get old. But if you take botox at the best botox clinic in Istanbul at the right time, you can stop this. Combined with other forms of treatments, botox works by tightening the neck muscles and giving it a more toned and sculpted look at the end.

Regardless how cheap and safe botox treatment is, you need to be careful with it. Overdoses of this treatment can numb your muscle and refrain you to make any kind of facial expressions. But the other side effects of botox has not commonly become a problem for users as it get resolved easily. Although, when you are getting botox for a longer period, it may come with some consequences you won’t know how to deal with. The best thing would be to take advice from your doctor at botox clinic in Istanbul about this and then proceed.


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