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Lead A Healthy Life With Our Department Of General Surgery


Wound healing and physical injuries are treated under the department of general surgery. It also treats other physical problems as well. General surgery itself is an extensive unit that has many sub-branches under it. There are many units that take care of every physical ailment of yours along with providing proper diagnosis. General surgery also happens to conduct several operations in the world of medicine. This includes both minor and major operations. Most of the surgeries or operations are conducted by expert general surgeons who specialise in their own specified fields. They excel in their field and even go on further to pursue higher education in the same. 

Our mission for a healthy living

We at here provide an array of remedies to all your physical ailments with the help of our department of general surgery. We are dealing with expert general physicians as well as surgeons is always here to help you. At first when you come to us we will ask you to go through a series of tests. Once the reports of the tests come out, we will direct you to a particular surgeon or physician who specialises in that field of ailment. Then he or she will go through the reports and discuss the problem with you. The doctor will tell you what is best for your health. Medicines will be recommended as well as proper diagnosis will also commence. You can trust us with all your tests and medications because we have been in this field for a noticeable span of time and excel in our services. If in case you have to undergo a surgery, then you will be told beforehand so that you can also make your preparations. You need not worry about the surgery costs since we do not charge a havoc fee for any of our services. 

With the systematic and regular diagnosis and check-up, you can lead a guaranteed and healthy life. In this regard we expect your complete cooperation so that our doctors can understand your physical uneasiness better. Unless you tell the doctor or the surgeon about what problems you are facing then it will not be possible for him or her to understand the symptoms. In case of an injury we recommend you to visit us as soon as possible. This in turn will help you to recover soon. Delaying the matter will only hamper the healing of the wound. 

Recommended general surgeries

  • Mentioned below are some of the general surgeries that are conducted by us:
  • Breast cancer and benign breast diseases 
  • Stomach cancer, other stomach problems and duodenum
  • Benign, malignant tumors 
  • Abdominal wall and inguinal hernias
  • Surgical diseases of the spleen
  • Diseases of thyroid gland like goiter, hyperthyroid, etc
  • Obstructive jaundices
  • Cysts in liver
  • Several soft-tissue infections
  • Traumas and emergency surgery
  • Esophageal cancer and benign esophageal diseases
  • Colon and rectum tumors
  • Gallbladder and paths, gallbladder stones and tumors
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Gastric balloon treatment for obese patients
  • Surgical diseases of small bowel and bowel obstructions
  • Anorectal diseases including tumors, hemorrhoids, anal fissure, fistula
  • Pancreatic cysts and tumors
  • Acute and chronic pancreatitis

Our promise to you

As technology is advancing, we too are keeping up with it. Here we only take you to the hospitals with has got latest surgical devices and techniques. We promise to send all our patients back with a smile on their faces. You can resume your normal life soon after the surgery.  However, we always advise you to be under complete bed rest for a stipulated span of time according to the nature of your surgery. It is mandatory for you to be on a recommended diet by the physician as this will let you lead a healthier life. Proper medication accompanied by regular check-up will increase the speed of your recovery. 

Once you get you in touch with us we will look into all your needs. 

Please feel free to contact with us about general surgery operations in Turkey and
one of our consultant will be in touch with you shortly.

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