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Genital Aesthetics For A Better Conjugal Life

  3. Aesthetic Applications

We can help and provide cures and treats any genital deformities with expert guidance. The external genital organ of the female body is sensitive and open. It is made up of several minor parts which are labia major, labia minor, clitoris, the mouth of the urethra, hymen, perina region and arse region. Each of these minor organs has a task of its own. You must maintain acute hygiene and keep the area free from germs and dirt. The external genital organs happen to protect the internal genital organs. Often women face urinary tract infection and uneasiness in the vaginal area. Usually irritation is caused by dryness. Since it plays an extremely vital role during an intercourse with the partner, you have to be really protective of it. 

In this regard proper care of it has to be taken. It is a common law that one person will be attracted towards another and will be involved in a physical relationship. In such a situation the genitals happen to be a reason of attraction as well besides appearance. 

Benefits of aesthetical genital surgery

The following reasons and more usually lead to a genital surgery.

1. At times severe accidents can cause an injury to the vagina and genital surgery can be applied to give it its original form.

2. Also diseases lead to the deformity of the genital which can also be cured by this surgery. 

3. The abovemntioned reasons cause a psychological breakdown to a woman. This can lead to depression which is not good for the mental health.  Therefore, to rule out such situations you can go for the genital surgery which will help you to overcome such depressions. Cosmetic gynaecology can be used in such a situation. 

4. Hymen repairing is done with the genital surgery.

Hymen repair

The hymen is repaired or reconstructed with this surgery. In case of women who are super active, usually break their hymen even before they indulge in an intercourse. Thus they do not bleed the first time they make out. It is also done to restore virginity. Techniques like laser repairing hymen and tissue wrapping repairing hymen are pretty famous. Surgical interventions are done so that the hymen is restored or repaired. But the surgeon must make sure that enough space is left open so that no trouble is caused during menstrual bleeding. 

Vaginal lip surgery

The vagina consists of two sets of lips: the inner lips and the outer lips. Labioplasty is the surgery that is conducted on the vaginal lips. This genital surgery minimizes the oversize of the big vaginal lips. The laps on the clitoris are also removed with the aesthetics of the clitoris. The use of vaginoplasty leads to the reconstruction or construction of the vagina. It is used in the shrinking vaginas. 

Vagina whitening procedure

The pubic hairs that happen to protect the vagina against heat, dust or dirt often make the skin full of dark blemishes. This can become a reason for turn off during sexual intimacy. Therefore, this is not liked by many. The tarnished area is whitened with the use of a laser technique which is applied to whiten both the inner and outer vaginal lips. 

Augmentation of the G-spot

With this procedure, a small amount of hyaluronic acid is applied in your G-spot. It is done in order to effectively increase the size of it to almost the double of the original size. This leads to greater sensitivity, higher frequency and longer duration of orgasms. 

Vagina tightening application

Carbon dioxide fractional laser is used to tighten the vagina. The vagina becomes loose after intercourse or delivery of a child. Age is also a factor when the vagina happens to loosen. However, all these are treated with the vagina tightening surgery. The female vagina is rejuvenated and tightened and also narrowed down with a vaginal operation. It can be done with the help of a laser technique as well as a surgical intervention. The tissues in this part are shrunk in order to tighten the vaginal muscles. This is done for the modification of the vagina which might lead to a happy conjugal life. 

Enlargement of the vaginal lips

The vaginal are enlarged with the help of an injection. The outer folds of the vulva or labia major can be enlarged by filling either temporary or permanent materials. It is mainly done to balance the size of the two lips which provides a more aesthetic appearance. 

Other aesthetic surgeries

An extra fold is added to the vagina with the help of a vaginal surgery which increases sexual pleasure. Besides this, radio frequency applications are carried out with the purpose of increasing orgasm.

The presence of more or less fatty tissue in the hill of Venus or the abdominal area, right below the vagina, leads to an imbalanced appearance. Due to the presence of the fatty tissue folds occur in the vagina and this is not good as it leads to ill hygiene. A fatty injection is injected to enlarge the size of it from small to big or the fat is taken out in order to reduce its size. 

Our services are the best in Turkey. Every surgery or transplant that we have done had had a higher success rate than other surgery centre. We take pride in announcing that people recognise our services just at the mention of our brand name. It is our mission to make every surgery successful. 

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