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Get rid of all the vaginal problems with the best Genital Cosmetic in Turkey


Get rid of all the vaginal problems with the best Genital Cosmetic in Turkey

The main purpose of getting a vaginoplasty in Turkey

There are two different vaginal cosmetic surgeries- vaginoplasty and labiaplasty.

  • A vaginoplasty is for those who want to reshape the inner muscles of their vagina to make it tighter and softer.
  • Labiaplasty surgery is the process of remodeling the vaginal lips.

The vaginoplasty in Turkey is for those women who want to tighten their vaginal walls. It has become a common practice especially for those women who have given birth. After the natural birth process, the vaginal walls become loose and the vaginal lips also get bigger. Bigger vaginal lips can cause many discomforts for ladies like painful and uncomfortable feelings while sitting or standing, during sex, whilst playing a sport, etc. Plus, a genital with big lips do not look appealing according to many women.

Process of Genital Cosmetic Surgery

The full process of this kind of surgery depends on the part of your genital you want to work on.

  • First, to form the ideal tightness of the inner walls, the excess vaginal mucosa will be removed during vaginal constriction. This will help with the tightness of the walls.
  • Then the excess inner lips will be removed. This process will need precise marginalizing because too much removal may leave the vagina fully open making the patient uncomfortable. And without the proper removal can cause arousal problems.
  • And then comes the forming of the outer lips. To provide the patient with the advantage of maintaining a good hygienic condition, the outer lips should be well-shaped and it should also look nice. With the help of Genital Cosmetic in Turkey, you can easily choose the perfect form of your vaginal lips.

Precautions for post Genital Surgery

Many people think this process is very painful but it is not though.

  • The patient will just have to be in bed-rest for the night and she can discharge the next day.
  • If the narrowing process was performed then you should avoid having sex for at least 3 weeks and if not 2 weeks.
  • Also, you should refrain from taking baths for two days.
  • You can take a short walk to reduce edema.
  • You can return to your work depending on the method of surgery.
  • Absorbed eams are used in vaginoplasty so no need to reduce them.

The Genital Cosmetic Applications in Turkey is fairly basic but very impact. For those, who want to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling of bigger vaginal lips, this is a very successful method that will work. We know that this surgery can cause anxiety for some people because of the place it performed. But as long as you are with the right surgeon, you will not have to worry about a thing. There are many people who are living a perfectly happy and normal life post-vaginoplasty surgery. Just make sure to take your medication and follow the guidelines given by your doctor.


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