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Get rid of your problems with Otoplasty in Istanbul


Get rid of your problems with Otoplasty in Istanbul

Why you should think about ear surgery?

There are many advantages of getting an ear surgery. Otoplasty is the best way to elevate your social anxiety issue by improving your physical appearance. And it has been helping people for a very long time.

Correcting the shape- Even though, our ears are not a part of our face but it surely put effects on how we look. A set of ears with big earlobes is not a good look on anybody. The typical angle of our ear should be between 25° to 35°. But when it exceeds this frame, that’s when your ear appear like it’s sticking out from your head. But an ear surgery in Istanbul can reshape the sticking out part of your ears and enhance your overall facial features.

Boost of self-esteem- People who have a really misshapen ear are often worried about their image, which directly impact on their self-esteem level. And the lack of self-confidence can lead to an unhappy life. But, you can get rid of all that self-doubt with otoplasty in Istanbul. Your ear will enhance in shape and you’ll enjoy going out with your friends and meet family again.

Natural appearance- Otoplasty can make your ear look more natural and normal. Not only big ear lobes but cupped or oddly shaped ears can also be altered with the help of ear cosmetic surgery.

Permanent results- The best thing about this surgery is you will have a natural looking ear permanently. Once you are done with the ear surgery in Istanbul you will not have to worry about it ever again.

Understand the procedure

You as the patient need to understand the complete procedure of this surgery before making a decision. The specifics of this surgery will depend on the reasons for getting it. For example, otopexy is a procedure that pin your ear. It removes a piece from the cartilage to make your ear flat against your head, making it appear natural. Simultaneously, you can make your ear bigger or correct its shape with otoplasty in Istanbul.

Recover after getting otoplasty

After getting the surgery you should wear your bandages for some day along with a loose headband to keep your ear in their new placement. You can resume going to school or office after a week of the surgery. But you need to make sure that your ear does not get touched.

Risks to avoid

Regardless, how great this surgery is, it is not risk free. There are some risk factors of getting an otoplasty, that you need to avoid. Here are some of the risks of ear surgery in Istanbul...

  • You should not get your ears wet. Make sure that when your showering, you have covered your ears.
  • You must not sleep on your sides.
  • You need to avoid sunlight for some days.
  • Also refrain yourself from swimming.
  • Make sure to wear your clothes carefully.
  • Don’t drink alcohol and caffeine as it can affect the healing process.
  • Take all your medication and follow your doctor’s advice.


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