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Get the best facial surgery from the best clinic of facial aesthetic Istanbul


Get the best facial surgery from the best clinic of facial aesthetic Istanbul

Why choose facial aesthetic surgery?

Your face is usually the first part of your body that people notice. And when you are not pleased with your own appearance you cannot generate enough will to look confident and beautiful. Ad this is why people choose to boost their confidence with the help of facial surgeries.

How many kinds of facial aesthetic surgeries are there?

You can find many different types of surgery in facial aesthetic Istanbul. If you want to change ore than one section of your face you can easily do that with it. The different facial surgeries are as followed…

Eyelids: Eyes are the first facial part many people notice. So, if you want to shape up the structure of your eyelids to make them look more prominent, bigger and younger; you can do all of that.

Neck and face lift: With age, our skin sags and wrinkles appear thus, the need for some sort of solution appears. These are ideal surgeries also for those who are have lost a lot of weight resulting in having extra skin on their neck. This surgery is also ideal for those who want to look younger.

Brow Lift: To rejuvenate your forehead are it is important to shape up your brow, it also helps you to reduce the effects of sagging. A brow lift surgery will also help you with decreasing heavy creasing, perfecting your brow shape and reviving your younger look.

Facial Structures: This facial surgery helps a person to shape up their whole face with facial implants. If you want to correct the structure of your chin, cheekbones or jaw the best clinic of aesthetic Istanbul 2019 will help you. With the help of medical-grade silicone implants, now, look the way you have always wanted.

How to recover after the surgery?

After you are done with your surgery you will need to take good care of your skin ad especially the surgical area.

Activities: You can easily be up and do as many normal activities as you please. You can feel some fatigue for two to three days and that is completely normal. But you will need to avoid heavy exercise or any heavy activities for 4 weeks minimum.

Clothing: Make sure to wear only shirts and not any pullover clothes to keep safe your surgical areal.

Makeup: You should only wear sunscreen to protect the area from sunlight for the first two days. And 2 days after your sutures are removed you can use makeup on your face like usual.

Ice pack: Using ice packs is essential when you are feeling ay kind of swelling or irritation. So, keep a bag ready for any time.

If you wish to have a good result after all the trouble you are about to face, it’s important that you choose one of the best aesthetic Istanbul 2019 clinics. They can help you with all your needs and after surgical procedures.


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