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Growth of healthcare and medical field in Turkey


Growth of healthcare and medical field in Turkey

Healthcare and medical tourism has improved gradually over decades, as Turkey is one of the best destinations for healthcare in the world. Turkey treats thousands of patients from several countries yearly. 

As a foreigner patient or a tourist, you have to consider some points before visiting Turkey. As we will mention some of the points to be considered.

Turkish healthcare and medical system as a foreign national

The in charge of all healthcare services are controlled by the Minister of health Fahrettin Koca. When you compare Turkey with other countries such as Germany, USA, England, etc., you can see in the current statistics that Turkey is one of the best health providers weather in costs or in the services. 

If you want to decide for a heart bypass surgery you may choose Turkey, let's see the latest numbers compared between the best healthcare providers.

  • In USA the cost of the operation would around 129.750 USD
  • In Germany it would cost around 17.350 USD
  • In England it would cost nearly 27.770 USD
  • Where in Turkey the operation costs between 12.000 - 15.000 USD.

Don't think that the lower price means low quality. We can take a look on the medical history of Turkey, where there are more than 60 internationally competitive medical faculties, which are training thousands of Turkish and foreign medical students per year and this is a point to be considered to be confident to visit Turkey for healthcare services.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I get an appointment with the doctor in Turkey?

There are several ways to take an appointment with the hospitals / clinics by searching online or visiting the hospitals, generally they are open from 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

How do I get to see a medical specialist in Turkey?

You can visit private / public hospitals where you can find different specialists.

What is dental treatment like in Turkey?

The standard of dental treatment is excellent, making it a popular holiday dental destination. The treatment is generally lower than other countries such as Usa, Germany, England, etc., as well as the doctors speak English well.

Is medication cheap in Turkey?

Medication for most standard medicines appears to be cheaper than their equivalents in the UK, Europe and USA. However, less standard of medicines which come from abroad can be prohibitively expensive.

Government decisions in the period of Covid-19.

The government stood all the time with Turkish citizens, the Turkish citizens who were abroad suffered from Covid-19 but there was no help by the countries they were, so the government decided to call them and treat them free of costs. This is one of the points to be considered that the healthcare and medical fields are developed well. As one of the important decisions for the benefit of the public was to stop selling the masks even in the pharmacies and to be provided weekly to everyone. If we see the numbers of the treatment of Covid-19 in Turkey, we can say that it's hugely expensive to treat such number of patients, but Turkey's government decided from the beginning of Covid-19 outbreak to treat for free of cost.

These points make Turkey one of the best healthcare providers in the world. More than these, Turkey sent medical aids to Europe and USA to be helping for them to treat their patients.


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