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Guide about Oncology Treatment available in Turkey


Guide about Oncology Treatment available in Turkey

Bringing down health cost burden

The Turkish health ministry has pledged to the Cancer patients that it will aid them for fighting against the fatal disease. New health scheme will fetch additional burden of annual funds for the government; about 750Million Turkish Liras, every year for the Social Security Funds. Social Security Scheme handles the costs of the medicals. There is an escalation in the annual health budget, which is estimated at 240Million Turkish Liras annually. Health ministry for Oncology Treatment in Turkey also notified recently that there will be more improvements in the health services. Private hospitals will accommodate more than 200patients for escalating the payments by the ministry for the expenses in treating the Cancer of all the citizens along with social advantages. The breast and the lung cancers are the most widely spread kinds of Cancers.

About Breast Cancer

Something like 164000 persons gets diagnosed with Cancer annually in the land of Turkey. Roughly about 450 Oncology Treatment patients on regular basis! The numbers show no major escalation or decrease in the cancer cases. Turkey still lacks behind the developed nations if it is about the frequency of cases of cancers. Subsequent to the lung cancer, the prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer among men. Numbers also state approximately 27000 Oncology cases associated with smoking were detected in the last couple of years. The country imposed a ban on smoking in the year 2009. In the case of the breast cancer, around 17000women were detected with the fatal disease in the last few years, as per the Ministry of Health statistics. For fighting with the deadly disease, Turkey is running around 200 medical centers that also includes the 33mobile units lest of early detection, awareness and checking on medical.

Radiation Therapy can help

The medical centers, particularly the ones offering the tests for screening; the escalation in the chance of detecting at an early stage! In the recent years, the nation has taken steps for rejuvenating the dwindling system of health care. The hospitals that are run by Ministry of Health and also SBK were united for preventing the over-crowding in the latter. Health Ministry also showed the green signal for treating the patients by means of social security. Present day hospitals are modernized and over 500new hospitals have opened in the nation. The doctors along with the government will always raise the bar, for delivering full spectrum services. Health Services Turkey has collaborated with few of the well known and highly recognized medical teams for providing the best in the expertise of medical aids for Oncology patients.


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