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Hair Transplant

Get Hair Transplant Done Without Feeling A Pinch In Your Pocket

Hair Transplant

When the hair follicles are removed from one part of the body and is surgically transplanted to the balding head or any other balding areas, it is called hair transplant. This is done surgically by experts who are professionally trained in this field. As a result of hair loss, many people, both men and women, are taking resort to hair transplant.

We here at HealthCare Turkey are one of the best hair transplant service providers in the whole of Turkey. Turkey has emerged as a country well known for its great hair transplant services. It is our sole motive to deliver to our customers the best services. We help you to overcome the problem of hairlessness or balding. With our unique techniques and surgeries, we strive to help you in every way possible. There are many new methods that are used in Turkey for hair transplantation. Of these, we happen to use the newest method that is known as the “Fue Method”. Our team of expert physicians and surgeons will help you to grow hair in the balding areas.  

What is the Fue Method?

Fue stands for ‘follicular unit extraction’. This method of hair transplant was applied for the first time in the year 2003. Since then it has been a craze. Perhaps this is the most famous method. In this method the hair is taken one by one, individually. The hair is plucked from your nape and is transplanted to the balding zone of your head and forehead. This is more popular amongst people because it more comfortable and effective than the other methods. In this method, we take many arable barbas from the root of a hair strand with the help of a cylindrical needle. Since there is more than one follicle in one hair root, the repetition of plucking is limited.

This results in the hair to stay and grow in the nape of your neck. It does not cause balding in that area. We try to keep the hair line as natural as possible. While transplanting the hair, we plant the plucked hair in the same direction as it would grow later. This will give a natural look to your newly grown hair. Only professional hair transplant can let each barba cling to the skin.

Why the Fue Method prefers taking hair from the nape?

There is a natural code system of hairs but it is different from those of the hair strands on the nape. It means that the hair on the nape usually do not fall unlike the hair on the front and middle parts of the head. Thus, the hair on the nape area remains secure against harsh chemicals that impact and hasten hair loss. As these strands of hair have protected hair roots, these are plucked to transplant in your eyebrows, head or beards.

The procedure of this method

As mentioned earlier, the application of this method is simple as well as comfortable. The removed follicles are planted in the pores of the already fallen hair. The hairs are plucked with the help of a cylindrical needle. Usually there is no problem faced by the patient in the process of hair transplantation.  The major part of this method is the careful transplantation on the hair line. While doing this, if you want, we can custom design the hair line. We will give the look of the most natural hair line. The recovery period with Fue Method is not time-taking.

Costs and charges

The professional rates are determined according to the person’s hairlessness. If you choose to get your hair transplant done from us then we assure you the best service in the country. Once you book your appointment with us then we will take care of your arrival to our country. Hotel reservations, transfer and all the proceedings for the hair transplantation will be done by us. 

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