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Health of Turkey

Let’s take a look at the health of Turkey

HealthCare Turkey is monitored and controlled by the Health Ministry through the central government system. In the year 2003, the government of Turkey reformed the healthcare programs that aim for increasing the range of budget that is allocated to the health services for making the Turkish population healthy. The statistical institutions of Turkey said that around 70billion Turkish Liras were spent in the year 2012, for the health services.

As per the various reports are concerned, there exists around 30000health institutions and 600 patients for every doctor on an average. Moreover, the number of beds for 1000 is 2.64. Turkey is readying itself for joining the European Community and has great investments when it comes to education, technology and lastly health. Turkey is counted among the countries having the majority numbers of medical centers.

Turkey lies in between the Asian and the European continent. The nation intersects the airways and the high-ways. With this, around 40000foreign patients visit Turkey every year, due to various health reasons. The patients who are visiting Turkey are escalating day by day, as the result of the joint workings of the health centers and the health tourism agencies for exceeding the health goals of 2023.

Turkey is the fifth country which attracts the tourists with around 39million visitors every year. The nation houses important infrastructure for tourism; have also improved the quality of the tourism and also the capacity. The tourists prefer the nation and every year millions of travelers visit Turkey. The country offers great medical services paired with hospitable, friendly and top notch services.

The strengths of Turkey

Turkey is a great country if it’s about medical tourism and the occurrence goal is for providing quality and more affordable treatments and also for improving the health. The advantages are:

The most vital advantage of medical tourism in Turkey is to have an institution for coordinating the tourism workings and also having state policy.

To have national airline company for accessing the highest number of points of flight in the whole world.

Being a leader in regional infrastructure of research and training, because a significant part of the health institutions have reached a level, for competing with the West.

To rank in the second place, globally, for having numbers of accredited hospitals with JCI.

The increase in the number of patients that are treated in Turkey

Distance of the close flight

Low and affordable costs in the treatment

Duly qualified workforce

High quality services

Absence of the stand by time

The health tourism can be divided into 3groups

Medical tourism: It is the health tourism that allows the international patients for getting the treatment and also the rehabilitation services.

Thermal tourism and medical spa: It is a field of health tourism that incorporates few of the subsidiary applications such as medical massages, the period alongside thermal waters and also hotel management services.

Tourism for the disabled and the elderly people: It is a form of health tourism and combine things such as care, medical treatments and rehabilitation for the disabled as well as the elderly persons.

We work as an efficient team in Healthcare Turkey. The patients and the travelers will receive world class treatment under the same roof.

Health of Turkey

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