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How to get treated for Osteosis Herniated disk


How to get treated for Osteosis Herniated disk

If you have been suffering from a stiff pain in your lower back or limb it could be because of herniated disk. Guess what, it can occur to anyone anytime. Even if you have a good medical history of bone health and maintain a healthy lifestyle, still herniated disc remains a possibility. Some patients even may not experience any pain at all if the slipped disk is not pressing any nerves.

Define herniated disc

Osteosis Herniated disk is a condition of the vertebras which can press a nerve in you spinal cord to cause pain, weakness and numbness in any pats like neck, arms, back and legs. If you have been feeling any of these symptoms or severe pin you should consider consulting doctor for treatment of herniated disk. If the condition does not die down within weeks as you may be primarily advised to take rest, it can be severe which may need alternative medical care. In very severe cases where the pain persists even after common treatment practices like rest, physical therapy, ice and heat treatment the patient may need surgery.

Causes of cervical herniated discs and Symptoms of cervical herniated disks

Cervical disk hernia can be caused due to number of factors. As the cervical discs are the cushions between the vertebrae in the upper back and neck. A damage and herniation of the gel like cushion cause compression of the nerves in the region. Some of the common causes of cervical herniated disk can be stress placed on the disc, heavy lifting or damaging motions. They can also be resulted out of trauma. If left untreated they can damage the nerve roots.


  • Severe pain that travels down the hand and to the fingers.
  • Numbness of the shoulders, arms and the hands.
  • It may also result in reduced strength of the arms and patient may experience weakness in hands for days at a stretch.

Treatment for herniated disc

Cervical disk hernia can be treated with three main steps depending upon the severity of the condition. The first step as prescribed by physicians is rest. As herniated disc is a default condition of the vertebra, there is swelling in the affected region of the spine.

Complete Rest – It is one of the preliminary methods to deal with the pain and swelling. However if taking complete rest for at least a week’s time is not possible then you must go for other methods of treatment for Osteosis Herniated disk.

Medicines - Doctors can also treat with medicines. These drugs subsides the pain and helps in reducing the swelling. This results in reduced pressure of the nerves which is main cause of pain. However, do not for over the counter drugs as through examination is needed.

Injection and surgery - If pain persists even after medication, then you may to resort to injections and surgery. Epidural steroid injection by spinal needle and under x-ray super vision may be necessary. However a physician is the best person to decide on the course of treatment after judging the extent of the problem. Osteosis Herniated disk is best treated with a combination of all these types of methods in balanced form.

Where to seek treatment for Osteosis Herniated disk?

Osteosis Herniated disk problem needs specialized treatments. If the condition is not treated properly it may not reoccur but also cause damage to the nerves which may further be painful condition. Hospitals in Turkey offers right treatments for Cervical disk hernia. With latest technique of diagnosis and expert treatments, you can definitely hope for complete recovery after complete course of treatment.


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