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How To Treat Tooth Cavity Using Modern Implant Odontotheraphy?


How To Treat Tooth Cavity Using Modern Implant Odontotheraphy?

Treatment Options for Tooth Cavities

It’s essential to visit a dentist regularly and check for earlier symptoms. Modern dental surgery focuses on keeping your tooth intact through implant odontotheraphy and treat decays. Some common treatment options for treating carries include:

  • Tooth fillings with silver, gold or composite resin
  • Crowning by placing a custom-built cap over your tooth
  • Root canal treatment by removing the painful nerve tissues, blood vessel tissues and any decayed portion of a tooth

Treatment Options Using Orthodontic Implants

Orthodontics is the branch dealing with straightening crooked teeth or correcting wrong bites. Implant Odontotheraphy is performed by dentists specializing in restoration surgery. Orthodontic treatment is suitable for adults as well as children. Modernization of treatment options has enabled dental surgeons to use almost invisible implant applications. Some of the fixed devices are:

  • Metallic – using metal brackets cemented on the visible side of teeth using steel wires
  • Ceramic – color brackets for patients wanting esthetic treatment
  • Sapphire – Almost invisible braces for patients with special demands

Most treatments can extend between 6 months to 2 years.

Different Types of Orthodontic Appliances

There are different types of orthodontic treatments available depending on patient issues. It is essentially a curative option where patients experience better results in a few weeks.

The first stage of any problem lies in assessing the current status of your teeth. This involves taking X-rays, making plaster models, and photographing your tooth. Your doctor then provides you with comprehensive plans for implant applications.

Let’s go through the four main types of an orthodontic appliance with the help of this table.

Orthodontic Appliance


Fixed Braces

A fixed bracket on the visible side of your tooth that is glued using solid foundations. These are often tied with steel wires for additional support.

Removable Braces

These are usually plastic plates that cover the roof of your mouth and attached to the front tooth. These braces have only minimum tooth movements

Functional Braces

Pair of removable plastic braces that are joined or designed to interact. These braces can be fitted to both the upper and lower teeth

Headgear Braces

This is not strictly an odontology treatment but can be used at night to move the jaw

Benefits of using implant applications

Orthodontic are excellent ways to fix problems with the alignment of your tooth. Save time and effort and improve your oral health with the help of this superlative treatment option. You can smile wide and gain a confident attitude. Some of the major benefits of using braces are:

  • Improvement ability to bite through food
  • Easier to floss, brush and clean
  • Reduced chipping of tooth enamel
  • Lower risk of injury from protruding teeth
  • Elimination of speech impairment with improved confidence

Implant odonto therapy is more than just the straightening of your teeth. It brings the jaws and teeth into alignment and the braces can have a visible impact of your face shape. However, it’s better to start dental treatment between 8-10 years. This is the time when a child usually has a combination of baby teeth and mature teeth.

So, this is the perfect time to start your treatment. Make your face more symmetrical, natural, and improve your smile through orthodontic treatments.


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