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Improve your facial features with ear plastic surgery in Istanbul


Improve your facial features with ear plastic surgery in Istanbul

The importance of ear surgery

Many people don't know but a pair of ears that sticks out oddly can be a reason for embarrassment for many people. Many kids get bullied due to this reason, adults also face may problems because of this. So, an otoplasty is needed to build confidence about self-image and also to improve your features.

Procedures of ear surgery

There are mainly two types of ear surgery available and each of them will help you to remove all the self-consciousness you've been having.

Ear correction: This ear plastic surgery in Istanbul takes from 3 to 4 hours maximum. Before performing this surgery, an incision will be placed behind your ears to reshape, cartilage and at last re position your ears. After this procedure sutures will be until they heal completely to reshape your ears into a new position. During the operation, you will definitely be injected with anesthesia and IV sedation will be given. You will need to wear the bandage for a few days.

Ear reduction: This form of ear surgery is to reduce the excess size of your ear. If you have bigger ears than your face then you can easily get rid of that extra part of it with this procedure. This is actually a surgery to sculpt your ears by removing the extra part of your earlobe surgically. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove the extra skin, reshape your ear and ultimately create a smaller and prominent ear.

How to get recovered from such surgery

So, if you are planning to go under the knife and shape your appearance, then you will need to have some knowledge about the after-surgery precautions.

  • After getting ear plastic surgery in Istanbul will only have to endure a minor discomfort. Such as a little pain now and then or a little uneasy feeling while sleeping. It is best that you take your medicine on a timely basis.
  • Make sure that you are wearing clothes that are not over the head or need to touch your ear in any way while wearing.
  • After a few days, your bandage will be replaced with a surgical dressing that will need to be kept in place for about a week.
  • Sleep only in a straight position and avoid sleeping on your side until you are healed completely.

And at last, when it comes to the ear surgery cost in Istanbul, you can relax as it is very affordable. Turkey is one of the most cost-efficient places for surgeries like this. But there are many other factors, which put effects on this price. You will see the difference in your whole features without any side-effects after the surgery. So, to get a visible result without the need of spending huge money contact today in Istanbul.


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