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The department of internal medicines offers services to treat diseases in every hospital. There are many diseases which cannot be detected as soon as the symptoms occur. Therefore, certain tests are recommended in order to detect them as well as to diagnose them. Unless a disease is detected by the test results, it cannot be diagnosed or cured. Many people search for remedies to diseases as well as search for diseases too. Following this people must take proper precautions in order to prevent as much as they can. 

Internal medicines are not as extensive as the external medicines so the former can be easily divided into sub-branches. These are non-surgical and can be treated with proper medication and cure. Specialization in this field is highly recommended so that the diseases are treated easily and fast. 

The sub-branches of internal medicines

The following sub-branches of internal medicines will give you an idea about what they are

Allergy (immunology)- this happens to examine the immunity system. You may suffer from allergies, sneezing and rashes when an acute allergy is detected. Certain allergy tests are performed in order to detect the reason of the allergy.

  1. Endocrinology- diseases that are associated with the endocrine glands and hormones are treated by the department of endocrinology. 
  2. Gastroenterology- this department deals with the diseases related to the digestive system. 
  3. Hematology- it is associated with the detection and treatment of the diseases related to blood like leukemia.
  4. Nephrology- it is the branch of internal medicine which detects the physiology and treats diseases related to the human kidneys.
  5. Rheumatology- physical problems like rheumatism, arthritis, pain in the joints, muscles and ligaments are all treated by this department.
  6. Geriatrics- this department is also called medical gerontology and it treats elderly people. This department of the internal medicines cures the health of the elderly people and looks after their well being.
  7. Medical Oncology- a medical oncologist is someone who provides care to someone who is suffering from cancer. Medical Oncology refers to the term which means a branch of medicine that deals with treating cancer.

Our departments of internal medicines are extremely proficient in terms of cure and diagnosis. The doctors and care-providers treat all our patients with love and humility. With our reliable branches of medicine we aim to make this world a healthy one for all and sundry. 

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