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Internal Medicine treatment: The compassionate treatment that cares more than the disease


Internal Medicine treatment: The compassionate treatment that cares more than the disease

Internal Medicine is a type of therapy or treatment that represents the best of both worlds. The doctors practice a compassionate approach to treat adult patients as well is backed by scientific knowledge towards their treatments. It is the path of treatment that goes beyond the physical manifestations of the disease. The physicians or doctors that specialize in internal medicine are known as internists. Don’t confuse it with the term “interns”! Let’s take a dig into Internal medicine treatment and find out everything that needs to be answered.

What is internal medicine?

The term internal medicine comes from the Greek word “Innere Medizin”. They are focused on treating adult patients. It got its roots in the 1880s when Germany physicians were trying to incorporate knowledge from the sciences of bacteriology, physiology, and pathology together into their treatment plans.

In layman terms, internal medicine is a type of treatment that focuses on the “inner” cause of the disease rather than just the physical manifestations of the diseases.

When to seek internal medicine treatment?

When an adult is concerned regarding high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, or even common illness like flu or allergies. They are really good at treating adults going through depressions and anxiety or any other mental health issues-internists can be the first point of contact. Then they can refer to the concerned specialists and in order to ensure that the patient gets the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

What is the difference between an internist and an intern?

Well, internists are physicians who specialize in internal medicine. A physician who is licensed to practice internal medicine.

However, interns are physicians that have already completed their medical school but are ongoing training.

Why should you choose Internal medicine treatment?

Internal medicine treatment focuses on treating adult patients with compassion and care. Though internists are trained to treat a number of various diseases, they are specifically trained to focus their treatment on complications that goes beyond the body.

Internists help the patients to communicate better and helps to develop a thoughtful, meaningful doctor-patient relationship, where the patient can talk to their doctors freely. Internists can treat both common diseases as well as complex medical conditions. They are also trained to provide preventive care for cancer screenings to mammograms.

Can internists perform surgeries?

No, internists are primary care doctors that are trained to treat adults. They are not trained in obstetrics or paediatrics surgeries.

How do internists diagnose the patients?

Typically, internists sub-specializes in one particular illness or part of the body. They talk to the patients an find out the underlying cause of the diseases. Then they guide the patients to the concerned physician. Its main focus of internal medicine treatment is to help patients to get the right disease prevention and routine care.

What is the difference between general practitioners and internists?

Both general physicians and internists are primary care physicians but the major difference is –the former treats all patients of all age groups, whereas the latter is specifically trained to treat adult patients.

It’s the best treatment for adults

Internal medicine treatment is the best way to reach out to adult patients with compassion and care. It makes patients feel safe and good. It’s not mandatory to have many internists but people can also be under the care of single internists and carry with the same doctor over the years.

Adults when they go through a certain age they need some mental health counselling and physical diagnosis and the best way to do it is through internal medicine.


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