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The importance of In Vitro Fertilization or IVF in the contemporary world


One of the methods the childless couples adopt nowadays is In Vitro Fertilization. IVF is a boon for those who aren’t able to have babies, employing the normal or natural ways. The first baby who was born through the method of IVF was in the year 1978.

In Turkey, the first birth that happened using the IVF method took place in the Ege University Medicine Faculty in the year 1989. The couples can have babies if they decide to invest money in In-Vitro Fertilization.

The efficient use of the technology has been useful to facilitate the couples who are affected by any of the cause that isn’t allowing them to conceive babies. The unhappy couples can have babies within a short time period via the usage of the IVF technology in several health centers.

In-sight into the world of IVF

IVF is the insemination procedure of the eggs and the sperms. These are the reproductive cells of females and males, respectively. The entire process of artificial insemination is conducted in the medical laboratories. The IVF method of treatment is for the expectant mothers who aren’t able to become pregnant using the natural methods. The process is conducted on the basis of principle to transfer the embryos that are formed using the combination of sperm and the eggs in the labs, to a woman\’s uterus.

What are the steps, using which the IVF treatment is carried out?

Relevant and successful IVF treatments are carried out, making use of 3stages. To apply the IVF in a proper manner, the follow up phases needs enough attention. The IVF is a major contribution of the medical science for the childless couples.

The stage 1 of IVF

The couples will have to go through detailed examination, before the IVF treatment. This will be the very first stage of the treatment. This stage provides the experts with the information about the process of applying the treatment procedure. There are several things that are needed to be completed before the actual process starts. The experts will have to be first sure about the expectant mother. A benefit of the IVF method is that it is a personalized method of treatment for the couples.

The stage 2 of IVF

In the stage 2 of the IVF treatment, the procedure of drug injection is determined by the physicians for the expectant mother. The process is conducted to pressure the production of the eggs and also to keep the function of the eggs under control. The injection implementation in the stage 2 of IVF treatment assists in helping the mothers’ eggs to reach the level of desire. In this stage, to adjust the close of the administered drug is the most crucial element the experts should give attention to.

The stage 3 of IVF

The stage 3 of the IVF will consist to obtain the sperms and the eggs, and to get them fertilized in labs; to monitor the development of the embryos. This is a crucial phase for the couples and can determine the chances of a couple having babies. The stage 3 is the most crucial stage as even the minutest mistake in this stage may result in the overall failure of the entire process of IVF.

To transfer the embryos to the uterus

The transferring of the embryos (selected) to the woman’s uterus will be the final stage and also the most crucial stage in the IVF treatment. The realization of the transferring procedure of the elected embryos to the females’ uterus makes sure the success for achieving the desired result in the In Vitro Fertilization treatment. In case of the In Vitro Fertilization, the rate of success lies in employing an experienced medical team; also advanced lab facilities.

This field of medical science is improving day by day, along with the increasing number of the experts. Every year, millions of unhappy coupes are becoming proud parents of the newborns. The In Vitro Fertilization is the favorite among the people, spread across the continents, Africa, Asia, and Europe. The IVF procedure is practiced in countless medical clinics, in Turkey.

About Health Services Turkey

There are many fertility clinics that are mushrooming across the region of Turkey. It becomes more and more difficult for the couples for deciding on a particular IVF clinic. You may harbor a question such as the rate of success and also the treatment quality; or you may want to save some money. We are working in the field of fertility treatment for several years and have high success rates.

There are several fraud fertility clinics that claim to provide infertility services at reasonable cost, and also a success rate of around 80%. The patients should talk to the experts and asks for the things that are included in the fertility treatment package. Majority of the clinics will promise to include most of the things, excluding blood tests and medicines. We are highly specialized in organizing the entire process, prior to and also after the treatment at several health centers.

If the individuals opt for the option of applying through the online medium, their online applications will be examined by experts from the field of In-Vitro Fertilization. The process of treatment will be crafted as soon as one applies on our website. The IVF cost is among the general questions that arise in the mind of the couples, when they seek medical attention for conceiving a new life.

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