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Latest COVID-19 facts in Turkey


Latest COVID-19 facts in Turkey

The health minister of Turkey Fahrettin Koca clarified that Turkey's number of daily COVID-19 cases rose to 1,562 on Sunday with 15 new deaths  with total death toll 4,807 .

Turkey's progress against covid-19

While Turkey is planning for normalization since beginning of June, the confirmed cases were below 1,000. The weekend curfew and travel restrictions ended, while restaurants, malls, and gyms were all allowed to reopen in Turkey for the normalization step. First two weeks the confirmed cases were below 1,000, but this weekend the confirmed cases rose to 1,562. Which makes Turkey concern.

"Our number of healed patients has fallen below the number of new cases. The need for intensive care and respiratory equipment is increasing: We are moving away from the target," Koca said.

"Our weakest link, Unwary optimism," he said, urging the public to return to a "controlled social life" on Monday.

Health experts and authorities sounded alarms about the second wave of CoronaVirus infections in Turkey as the country's number of daily cases jumped back to the highest. On Saturday, Turkey confirmed nearly 1,460 coronavirus cases in a single day and Sunday, it rose up more with 1,562 confirmed cases.

Koca has repeatedly warned the people that the normalization process would not mean citizens could go back to living as they did before the pandemic, not unless before developing a vaccine or a drug for the virus. As he kept warning repeatedly the citizens to wear a mask and practice social distancing in what he called "controlled social life" period.

The regions and countries affected by the pandemic Covid-19, which appeared at December from China are at least 188.

The hardest situations in the world currently are the USA, Brazil and Russia.

The pandemic has killed over 431,000 people worldwide, with more than 7.83 million confirmed cases and over 3.73 million recoveries, according to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University.


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