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The side effects of obesity and how bariatric surgery can help you


One of the major issues of modern lifestyle is being overweight. It’s very much possible for getting the issue of obesity into the category, with disease (surgical) that are caused by malnutrition. If you become overweight, your physical appearance changes and few of the most feared disorders are triggered. The medical treatments of the health issues are lately responded. We can say that to gain weight; paying no attention to this might cause some very serious health issues. Well, obesity is one of the major health issues of the present age.

Defining obesity

Obesity is generally defined as the deposition of fat in the body. The deposition happens exorbitantly and abnormally. The cumulative escalation of the fatty tissue in the body might also result in major health issues.

The cumulative fatty tissue increase might also result in organ damage. Deposition of fat also paves the way for harmful lifestyle diseases, for instances, high blood pressure, damage to the heart, and many other organs. The fatty tissue results in abnormal behavior of the hormones in the body.

On the other hand, feeling fed up and also tired; an escalation in the appetite, and lastly the urge of eating frequently.  Obesity as a disease is slowly increasing in the world at an alarming rate; it can also lead to death, as a result of suffering from fatal diseases.

Bariatric surgery at a glance

The bariatric surgery is done on patients who have accumulated excessive amount of fat in their body. The ultimate goal is getting back to the normal weight; the ideal weight person should have as per the height and age. Individuals will get rid of harmful and dangerous diseases, subsequent to losing weight. Bariatric operations (obesity operations) are used in many of the occasions.

You should first know and understand that if you really qualify for the bariatric operation. Cases which are- if your BMI crosses 40; needs to check if he is harboring any disease; not having any disease that is related to the hormones; regularly consuming alcohol and cigarettes, well if you if are having any of the aforementioned issues, then you are supposedly not a fit candidate for the bariatric surgery.

Treating obesity

The treatments might differ according to individual patients’ needs. We at Health Services Turkey provide the best possible treatments for obesity correction. Do connect with us if you are suffering from obesity. Please don’t ignore the issue!

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