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Effective guide into the world of Odontotherapy!


Odontotherapy is the Science to find and to treat the dental cavities. If you are having cavities that will be considered as an illness; an illness, which can make the structure of the teeth suffer damage, collapse. The bacteria are the real cause of cavities. The harmful bacteria release carbohydrates and also produce the lactic acids.

This in turn escalates the acidity in oral cavity; your tooth will start suffering from demineralization for 2hours subsequent to having a meal. This is the process, which prevents the saliva composition. Individuals are more susceptible to cavities, if they are suffering from illnesses resulting in the decrease of the saliva quantity.

You may experience major growth in bacteria if you are suffering from diabetes, or if you are taking anti depressant medicines. At times, cavities may also surface leaving no signs and symptoms. People are advised to visit the dentists frequently, so that they can track and treat cavities at early stage(s). The dentists are well trained in detecting and tracking the cavities, if you visit them every few months.

More insights into the matter

For having a white and also dazzling smile, you are required to have healthy mouth, teeth and gums. The health of the inner mouth can get influenced by the growth of harmful bacteria. The growth of cavity can generate issues such as, gingival, teeth roots, palate, and tongue, also any issue related to the jaw bone. As tooth and gingival problems are variable to a large extent, there are several odontotherapy methods for addressing these issues.

Treating the gingival diseases

Gums are the tissue structures that wrap the roots of the tooth, and also keep the sterile environment and the teeth alive by feeding the teeth roots through blood vessels. Well, situations such as the gingival recession, gum bleeding will indicate the presence of dental issues.

Gingival recessions might be the start to the processes, which may cause the loss of a precious tooth. In the process of treating gingival recession, the tartars and the bacteria are cleaned up starting from the surface of the teeth. One can get back healthy gums. The gum health toothpaste and some drugs might be employed for supporting the treatment.

To stop

Bacteria are accumulated on the teeth base and subsequent to settling to the inner part of the teeth and causes tooth decay. In the case of cavity, the tooth roots come in contact with the air. As a side effect of the contact, the teeth inflammation may happen and the affected tooth may need to be pulled out. To stop further tooth damage, the rotten parts and sides might need cleaning. The blank parts may require to get filled with teeth friendly materials. There are several kinds of filling materials that are available in the market.

The root canal treatment

If the rotting act damages the parts of the tooth nerves, the root canal treatment can be a preferred option for stopping further rotting. This is done for preventing the problem relapse. Making use of the root canal treatment, the rotten parts are cleaned first. The professionals may also need to cut the unnecessary nerves. The cut materials are then sterilized and also closed along with packing materials.

Extracting the tooth

Extracting the teeth is the newest option; the dentists are referring to the patients. Tooth extraction is applied in those cases, where there is a loss of a tooth. The teeth are removed as whole or even in parts using local anesthesia. Extracting the wisdom teeth is thought to be more of a risky thing. Although the roots of the wisdom teeth are weak, the sizes can be huge and also contiguous with jawbone.

About dental implants

The implants are applications that are executed by screwing down the teeth on the jaw bone, particularly for the diestema issues or singular front loss. The dental implants are more useful, comfortable and more natural looking as compared to prosthesis.

The orthodontics treatment

The orthodontic treatments are applied to remove the situation named dental deformity. This treatment works in providing proper tooth alignment on the jawbone along with dental braces. The patient’s dental brace will be dislocated, changed or compressed subsequent to certain intervals under the guidance and assistance of efficient dentists.

The risk factors!

The treatments carry no other health risks with the exception of the anesthesia ones. The risk that is associated to the incorrect occlusion is a minor one, as long as the patients see the dentists on frequent basis.

Odontotherapy in Turkey

The panoramic jaw films are needed for determining the accurate processes of odontotherapy. We at Health Services Turkey have accommodated a brilliant team of medical professionals. The dental health professionals are there to provide world class dental diagnosis and treatment services to the patients.

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