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Organ transplantation, an important component of modern day medical world

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Organ transplantation or transplanting the organs can be described as to transfer the organs from the cadavers to the patients, suffering from in-curable diseases, or organs that aren’t able to fulfill their duties. When it comes to transplanting the organs, the active organs are transferred in place of the damaged organs. Livers, kidneys, hearts and the pancreases can be transferred to the patients, from the donors.

How one implements organ plasties?

The organ plasty operations need care, expertness. These are major surgical operations. Without hemorrhage organ operation plasties, the patients can return to the normal lives in a short time period. Subsequent to the operations, the patients can happily return to the normal lives within a short stretch of time. After the operation gets over, chances are less that you may suffer a side effect as a result of the operation.

Who all are qualified for becoming organ donors?

That’s a million dollar question! The transplantations are implemented among up to 4stage relatives as per the Ministry of Health’s instructions. But transplanting the organs except the relatives is possible with the approval of the ethics committee. The practice of cross donor variation is also legal and ethical in many legal frameworks.

Which are the hospitals where organ transplantation is practiced?

The hospitals should upgrade the service delivery for implementing the transplantation of the organs. There is a widespread belief, which is organ transplantation is only about surgical intervention. There are several stages prior to and subsequent to the transplantation. Transplanting the organs is put into practice with the help of other units. Hence, it is crucial that the hospitals harbor the potential and the strength for transplanting the organs.

Points to remember

Well, everyone can donate their organs, after they cross the age of 18years. The documents that show that the organs were donated, in case of sudden or unexpected death, is signed before the two witnesses with an application to the departments of health, the hospitals or any of the associated medical institutions.

Also, the donors are needed for informing the relatives about any issue. If the relatives don’t permit for the transplantation of the organ, the process of donation will be cancelled. Under several conditions, any of the parties can cancel the donation process. If the organs are compatible, then the process of transplantation will occur.

The donor types

It may happen that the organ donors are still alive, or they are brain death. Many of the deceased donors are among those who are brain dead.  Being called brain dead means that the brain functions have ended, generally subsequent to receiving an injury to the brain, or other-wise the cutoff of the brain blood circulation. The breathing can be maintained through the use of artificial sources.

Once the doctors declare a patient brain dead, the patient can be considered as a great choice for organ donation. Conversely, the criteria for brain dead also vary. Because less than 5% of all the deaths in the world are consequences of brain death! The majority of the deaths result in deaths, which aren’t eligible for donation of the organs. There are major shortages of donated organs.

Overview of organ donation in Turkey

Organ transplantation procedures can be conducted at several health institutions, particularly in university level hospitals. We at Health Services Turkey specialize in providing surgical intervention for organ transplantation.

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