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Tend Your Tendons With Orthopedic Care


The surgery which deals with the treatment of muscles, joints, bones, nerves and chords is known as orthopedic. The impairments of these are treated by several methods and techniques. The orthopedic unit at the well known hospitals is extremely well reputed and is concerned about the patients that visit them. All the hospitals are equipped with the latest techniques and types of equipment in order to deliver excellent and unparalleled services.  

In the beginning, orthopedic used to deal with innate disabilities. However, with the passage of time it improved and this medical branch became associated with the treatments of several injuries and physical problems. Turkey happens to be one of the most preferred countries where people choose to get their problems related to bones, muscles, joints, etc treated. 

Diseases related to bones, muscles, nerves and joints

There are several diseases or deformities which afflict the human body. Some of these are as follows:

Calcifications of semens, hip, shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle

Rheumatism pain and complaints

Pes planus



Herniated disk

Cervical disk hernia


Inequality of the leg

Meniscal tear

Ligament injuries 

Tendon injuries



Hip opening or hip dislocation 


Nerve compression

Tennis elbow

Trigger finger disease

These problems can be faced in several situations like

1. In case of a car or a bike accident, the person might get severely injured or get a fractured leg, arm, shoulder or arm.

2. If someone gets into a fight then he or she can be beaten up which once leads to a bone or muscle injury. This can be treated by going to an orthopaedic surgeon.

3. This has happened several times that something heavy has fallen on your feet and it had resulted in a minor or major fracture. 

Besides these situations, there are other unforeseen situations that lead to a severe injury and can only be cured on visiting a professional or expert in orthopedic surgeon. 

Treatments for the diseases

The treatment is based on the degree of injury. The injury can be treated by giving proper medicinal dose or therapy. The doctor understands what is best that is to be done with the patient.  At times the doctor prescribes medicines depending on the discomfort of the patient. If there is a severe fracture then that part has to be put in a sling which has to be kept till the doctor asks to move it. There can be situations where a surgery has to be conducted but it happens only in severe cases of injury. In the case of an amputation, the doctor uses a prosthesis. Some of the treatments are mentioned below. 

Your feet or ankle can get twisted badly and you will be in massive pain. In such a situation some pain-relief spray must be used at the moment. Later if the pain persists you must consult a doctor. 

Deformities like congenital deformities, hip dislocation and clubfoot are generally seen in children. These are treated by children’s orthopedic surgeon with surgeries. In such cases, surgery happens to be the last resort.

Arthroscopic surgery includes removal of the joint rat, meniscus and cross-link surgery. It does not include any open surgeries instead of a small hole that is made and with the help of a tiny camera, that is inserted in it, the surgery is conducted.

Diseases or injuries may occur to hands, arms and wrists. They can get twisted or receive a trauma that would require immediate medical attention.

The backbone too can receive a shock, injury or have a tumor on it. All these require proper diagnosis and treatment.

Arthroplasty deals with aches and discomforts in the joints.

Oncological surgery is another branch of orthopedics. It deals with situations where the tumor on the bone turns out to be cancerous and starts to threaten the musculoskeletal system of the body. 

People who are born with deformities can also be treated under the deformity surgery branch. 

Most of the orthopedic problems are resolved by our treatment centre at Turkey. We take care of all our patients and provide guidance to all that come to us. Physiotherapy is recommended to many since it helps in the rapid cure of several problems. However, a strict regime has to be maintained by you after you undergo a surgery. This will help you to recover sooner than you can even imagine. 

You can also send us your medical videos and reports for consultation and viewing by our expert physicians.

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