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The otorhinolaryngology is a medical branch and deals in studying the medical issues and diseases of the nose, ear, throat and also the neck. The ear, throat experts have studied the medical and also the surgical treatment of the nose, ear, throat, neck. The ear, nose and throat or ENT, sinuses, nasal passage and mouth cavity are part of the otorhinolaryngologic disorders. As a great medical team, we at Health Services Turkey organize the treatment for the patients.

Diseases of the ear

The diseases and complaints, related to the ear starts in the ear, nose and throat area. The minor and major medical issues that may cause hearing diseases, issues if it’s about the balance, ear infection formation, diseases that may happen in the external as well as the internal ear are treated by the otorhinolaryngologic experts. Few of the heath issues are tinnitus, loss or diseases of the ear, ceruman, and also the inflammation of the middle ear and the outer ear.

1# About operating on the ear

The ear induced cancers, auditory external canal disorders, treating the auditory external canal infections, the removing of the harmful and undesired canal auditory masses, the diseases of the middle ear, treating with the help of medicines in case of ear discharges and the ear plugs, medical aid if the patient is diagnosed with middle ear infections, and treating surgically the middle ear infections.

2# The diseases of the internal ear

The sensorineural loss of the hearing originates in the internal part of the ear; dizziness can originate from the internal part of the ear, facial and ringing paralysis.

Diseases of the nose

Over-haul nasal cavity and sinuses are few of the diseases for which you should ask for medical aid. Allergy, nose appearance, respiration or olfaction diseases need medical attention of the specialists. The discomforts and the diseases that may arise in the nose are called as olfaction medical issues. There are several other olfactory issues, for instances, rhinolight, rhinoplasty, sensitive pain and also the persistent sinusitis nose disorders.

1# The treatment of the sinus and the nose disorders

The diagnosis, medical and the surgical treatment of the allergic nose disorders, the treatment and the analysis of the nose bleedings, the removing of the harmful objects from nose, operation and diagnosis of curvature of nasal and nose, the analysis of the medical, surgical treatment of the sinusitis, the nose aesthetic surgery.

2# The treating of the nasal and throat passage disease

The surgery and the diagnosis of the adenoid, the surgical treatment and the analysis of the tonsil diseases, the surgical and the diagnosis of snoring, obstructive sleep apnea are important areas.

The diseases of the neck, head

The ear, nose and throat (ENT) experts specialize in treating various kinds of infections, tumors that may arise in the neck and the head area; facial trauma deformities. To provide the best possible treatments to the patients, the ENT experts may also work with some of the other general practitioners of other areas.

The ENT doctors may also work with the brain surgeons to diagnose and treat the issues that are related to the skull base. They might also work with the plastic surgeons to treat traumatic deformities; with the eye doctors of medicine for treating structural round anomalies eyes.

1# Treating neck disorders

The diagnosis and the treatment of neck, head cancers, diagnosis, evaluation and the treatment of the neck  bulks, investigating and treating causes of aphonia- nodules, polyps and oadema in the vocal cords , the analysis of the laryngopharyngeal reflux disorder, treating the salivary gland illnesses.

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