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Patient Rights

An effective guide about patients’ rights in Turkey

The rights of the patients and relatives in Turkey
The Turkish government aims at providing the most excellent human health protection services to the country’s population. The patients have the right for quality health services at affordable prices. At present, the nation accommodates one of the best treatment facilities.
With the availability of world class medical facilities and also medical staffs, Turkey is among the top ten best medical and health tourism destination for the world. We all have the right to live. No one has the right to claim a person’s life.

The patients are allowed several rights:
The right of having the consultation service, by any other medical professional, upon the requests of the patients.
The right of knowing the task, also the identity of the personnel who are serving the patients.
The right of demanding the information about the treatments, also applications that will be applied to the persons.
The right of learning the price of the service(s), which the patients will pay and also the rights of asking the medical bills.

The right to innovate
Everyone has the right to innovate, as per the international standards that will include the processes of diagnosis. The primary goals of the health services are to conduct research on rare diseases and also supporting the medical research. Individuals have the right of protection from any kind of pain, also suffering at every treatment stage. The medical aids are supposed to consume precautions for more relaxed and easier treatments.

Consent rights
People have the right of asking information for participating in the decisions about her or his health. All the information is essential for all the processes and also in the case of treatments. The medical aid providers are needed of informing the patients that also includes other treatments options, along with all the needed information about other medical aids. The patients’ consent includes with providing other medical aids.
The parents should provide the approvals in place of the patients who are below the age of 18. In case the parents object, if the health or medical person or the physician thinks the patients require proper deep medical aid, they can reach the court.
If there isn’t any legal representative, and if the case is critical, the doctors can conduct the operation without the consent.

Privacy rights
Persons have the right to demand all the information related to the medical aids being kept extremely confidential; along with the personal information, status of the health, and also the information related to the diagnosis. The data and the information about the health of the patients should be kept confidential.
The patients’ privacy is supposed to be respected during the process of treatment. The processes are needed to be applied by the persons who should really be present. Patients are allowed the right of un-accepting those who are really not into the treatment procedure, which also includes the visitors.

The right of ending life and getting personal treatment
The medical aids must be provided along with special treatments for the patients who are terminally ill or are suffering from any other diseases. The citizens are enabled the right of routine diagnosis and also getting proper medical aids. Hence, the medical aid providers are also provided with the right of flexible programs; the right of getting the right treatment holds a crucial place.

The right of taking protective measures
The patients are given the rights to receive proper protection against any of the diseases. The job of the health services givers is for making sure that each and every patient receives proper treatments. Professional information, also the technological developments are the rights of every citizen. They are also enabled with rights such as getting protection for health services in the medical centers.

Access rights 
The citizens are also given the rights of accessing the health services for fulfilling the health care needs. The service providers are supposed to provide medical aids without any kind of discrimination; one should never discriminate on the basis of religion, sex, language, or differences of opinions. The persons who aren’t having complete physical qualification will receive the benefits from the rights. If there is a need to getting an organ transplanted, they have the right of organ transplantation.

The right of complaining
The citizens are provided with the right of complaining, if they are getting harmed. The entire workforces, who are taking care of the patients, must inform the rights to the patients. All the complaints made by the patients should be solved either by employing the method of writing or verbally. It is the right of the patients of appealing to the courts and organizations for resolving the complaints.

The compensation right
If the patients get physically, morally or physiologically harmed, during any of the treatment processes, then the patients are legally allowed for asking for compensations. The medical hospitals should know that the patients are also allowed with several other medical rights, for the safety and the security of them.

The right of accessing the medical records
The patients are provided with the right of information about the diseases on the files, records and the replications along with the questioning, copying and demanding of the correction of failures.
The medical records of the dead patients should be given with the permission and the decision of the court.
Everyone has the right of demanding a change in the treatment process or any other applications for disorders that are on medical records.
All the medical records of the patients should be sent to the patients, or any other institutions, preferred by the patients on request.

The responsibility of providing information
Since the information related to the health and the medical history, current complaints, treatment applications are necessary to diagnose and to treat the patients; the patients’ relatives are responsible for the diagnosis and also the treatment processes.
If the patients along with the relatives aren’t able to comprehend the comments concerning the treatments, this is supposed to be reported to the care givers and also the patients. The patients and the relatives should be informed about the status of the health of the patients, and also making sure that the patients understand them correctly.
The patients should be active in making the decisions in the treatment processes, and should also declare the treatment consent. The treatment receivers are also supposed to inform the authorities about the information, for instances name, surname, phone number and address.

The security rights
The citizens are allowed the right of protection against the damages from health services, medical mistakes and any errors and also the right of accessing the treatments and the institutions with high security standards.
The responsibility of examination and treatment payments
The methods of payment, the ways using which the medical debts will be cleared, the payment institutions, are needed to be stated in the stage of acceptance.
It is the patients’ and the relatives’ responsibility for completing the certification about the social security or the private health insurance.
The persons who are having the right of free treatments are ought to be proving this with the help of necessary documents.
The representatives should submit the letter that is obtained from the patients’ medical institutions in case of emergency treatments and interventions.
The relatives of the patients are enabled for getting compensation in the loss or damages to treatment receivers.

The right of performing the religious services
The patients are granted the right of performing the religious services, to wear clothes that are compatible with the religious beliefs, making use of the symbols, getting psychological support and social support, within the institution possibilities and also within the frame of measures that are taken by administrations. Everyone has the rights of receiving the visitors; the visiting rules are determined by the institutions and the right of keeping a companion.

Entitlement of dignity
The citizens are given the rights of receiving service with respect and care in a healthy environment that is available for health, minus any noise or any other distracting elements. The hospital staffs cannot dispute with the patients. All the complaints are solved with the patient rights office.
The right of the patients in receiving health care services within time
The patients will receive the necessary treatment within the given time period. The right is valid in all stages of treatment. The waiting period shouldn’t exceed the given point of time. If the medical service providers aren’t able to provide the needed medical service within the given time period, the patients are allowed for choosing any other alternative service at similar quality. The expenditures those were used in asking for failed medical aids should be paid back to the patients.

The right of election
Those who are having enough information will have the right to elect among the various treatment methods and persons who will provide the treatment. The patients have the right to elect the methods of diagnosing and then getting the treatment. The medical care givers are asked for showing the election right to the patients by means of informing about other health institutes.

The right of refusing the treatments
Every individual has the right of refusing any of the treatments, or medical interventions. They also have the right of refusing the topics that are informed to them. If it gets rejected, then the patients’ connection with the medical institutions ends. If the patients consult the hospital again, then they can again receive quality care and the treatment will also continue.
The responsibility of compliance, also recommendations
The patients are responsible for any kind of observance of applications and rules of the medical institution that they are in.

Respecting the liability
The patients and also their relatives are supposed to consider the rights of other patients in a medical institution and also the health care workers.
The patients along with their relatives are needed to respect the medical centers’ visiting policy.
The patients, relatives, should act according to the hospital’s privacy policies.
Hospitals with more visitors should take necessary measures and also comply with the administration of the hospitals.
The patients and their relatives shouldn’t demand administration or implementation of any medication, except in case of the ones that comes under the treatment plan.

Quality rights standard
The citizens have the right of accessing high quality treatment services. The right of quality health care needs should be provided according to the technical performance, human relations and comfort, by the health-care institutions and the medical staffs. We at Health Services Turkey provide the patients with the best of the best’s medical aids for any kind of health issues or complications. We welcome people from all over the world to come and experience the world class treatment in Turkey. The medical professionals are working with several years’ exp

Patient Rights

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