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New-Age Beauty Techniques And Treatments

  3. Aesthetic Applications

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is a therapy that uses injections to inject the concentrated platelets from a person’s own blood. This speeds up the injury that he or she might suffer from in the areas like tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. It also helps in improving a person’s musculoskeletal problems. Therefore, PRP is used to carry out beauty treatments like botox, hair transplant and others. With the advanced and proper infrastructure and equipments it has become an easy game to rectify the bone structure or lift your wrinkles or grow hairs in the balding areas. You need not have to suffer from any lack of confidence with the help of these new-age treatments. You can also change the character of your skin, reduce your body weight, brighten your skin complexion and many more with the help of certain surgeries. 

Derivation of the PRP liquid

Unlike botox and face-filling, PRP application stays longer. PRP treats, prevents and removes the skin defects. It is done by following some treatment techniques. The blood that is taken from the patient’s body is centrifuged after which the plasma is derived from it. This leads to the decomposition of the molecules and the cells present in the blood according to their weight. The thrombocytes that will be used in PRP method can be pulled out easily by centrifuge.

The thrombocytes are also known as the cure factors since they help in blood clotting in the cuts and repairs them faster. They help in fixing the walls of the vessels as well. Due to this the application of PRP has become widespread. 

Who should apply PRP?

It is advised that the PRP should be applied by only an expert. Since the expert is aware of the entire procedure it will be the best to get it done by an expert only. It is the expert who knows that which is the correct concentration of the plasma that has to be injected. If the blood is not centrifuged well then the plasma will not be properly derived. Thus, the application of the PRP will not be successful and the duration of the PRP application will be a prolonged one. In such cases the result would ultimately lead to a failure. 

Benefits of PRP

The benefits of the PRP application that are worth mentioning are as the following 

1. It can be applied to cure skin aging and remove skin blemishes. Our skin is often spotted with acne and pimples. When they burst they usually leave behind spots on our faces. These can also be removed by the application of PRP. 

2. You can also treat your wrinkles and freckles and do away with them with the PRP application.

3. The skin pits which are left behind after a pimple or an acne, can be removed with the PRP application.

4. If you happen to suffer from any spots caused due to the sunrays then you get those spots treated as well.

5. The skin can be tightened and made brighter with the PRP application.  Your skin will become more clean and clear and radiate a natural glow. 

6. If you have burn marks or dark patches on your skin then PRP application will also help you to remove those spots. Thus, giving your skin a better look. 

7. The PRP application also prepares the skin to resist the sunlight. 

These will be helpful in giving you a radiant skin as well as smoothen it. You will be surprised to see the change brought to your skin after this application of PRP.

How is the application of PRP done?

Before the application commences, you need to tell the expert the areas where you want the plasma to be applied. With the help of appropriate techniques and application method, the plasma will then be applied to the areas where you want it to be applied. To obtain a better result you may also opt for peeling of the skin, skin tissue removal or skin purification. All these together will result in a surprisingly radiant and younger-looking skin.

The laser PRP application is a technique that at first uses laser implementation and then injects the PRP. The entire PRP application session should not be prolonged. Most doctors recommend an interval of 21 days for the application of PRP. This application guarantees to make you look upto 5 years younger. Your skin looks rejuvenated and radiant. 

Hair Transplant done with PRP

Hair transplant is one of most prevalent and famous aesthetic surgeries. It is conducted in areas where there is a decrease in hair growth or no hair growth at all. In fue hair transplant techniques the hair follicles are plucked from the neck as they are stronger and healthier than the follicles from any other area. This leads to better hair growth and has a higher success rate. It provides a faster recovery in the areas where the hair transplant is carried out. 

The hair follicles that are plucked from the back of your neck are dipped in the PRP liquid and are given enough time to be cultivated. This helps in enhancing the quality of the hair follicles. These hair follicles retain a higher level of vitality with the PRP application. It leads to a more successful hair adaptation once these hair follicles are planted in the balding areas.  With the help the PRP liquid, the hair follicles can be preserved too. 

Healthcare Turkey has a team of experts who centrifuges the blood to derive the best concentration of the plasma. They are professionally trained and know the correct method of the application of the PRP. We make all the arrangements the moment you make an appointment with us. We use the best techniques as well as equipments to carry out the application. You can trust us with the treatments that are usually carried out with the help of the PRP application. High level of hygiene is maintained here at our centre. Our long list of candidates has got extremely satisfactory results. 

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