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Know about the responsibilities, identified by Republic of Turkey

There are certain responsibilities that are identified and provided by the Turkey ministry of health and tourism, for the agencies which offer health tourism services. There are agencies that take care of the health tourism planning and execution; these agencies are defined as facilitators. Facilitators are persons or institutions, which lends assistance and guidance to others, or works in making things easier.

In view of that, facilitators are persons or institutions for providing contact between users of the service and suppliers of the service. The facilitators are supposed to stay unbiased, from the point of institutions of health when directing the patients about the preferences and also shouldn’t force guide. The processes that are managed by the facilitators are done according to the preferences of the patients.

They must make use of the health professionals who are sufficient as per the health tech and also being scientific, if it is about making suggestions.

In the process of directing or managing the patients, the facilitators should firstly prefer the hospitals that fulfill the criteria that are accredited for health tourism.

The facilitators are supposed to inform through the websites for ensuring the transportation ease to international patients.

The hospitals are directed from the facilitators to have departments of health tourism and also translators.

People should use the articulate, standardized language and lists of control that are accepted for sharing the information with the medical centers or the patients.

The information about the pricing policy is supposed to announce to the patients for showing the reasonable cost estimate and also the plan of treatment.

To confirm the medical information; the data of the patients are taken and then evaluated by the hospitals.

The process for administering the treatment includes telemedicine or any other web based method, must be shared with the patients.

The information about inter-change security of the hospitals’ data is needed to be present to the patients.

Medical centers should inform the patients about the health facilities and also the alternatives, if the medical professionals suggests.

The doctors are supposed to inform the health facilities; all the alternatives if they suggests.

The possible complications that may arise to the period, which demands treatments, should be predicted well.

The policy of refund, also the conditions for continuing the treatments for any issue alongside the needed advance payment, methods of payment are specified by the facilitators.

If it is essential, a support for the visa application will include confirmatory letter.

The information in regards to the transportation to the medical centers that is suggested is supposed to be published accessible and transparently written materials.

The complete process should consists of the flight plan, the welcoming and the transferring, until arriving at the medical center are ought to be coordinated.

The reservation and some of the other services are delivered, confirming with the patients and also the companions.

The obligations and the responsibilities must be enlightened to change or cancel the traveling.

People are supposed to be informed concerning the probable tourism programs subsequent to the treatment or rehabilitation.

The necessary documents must be transmitted to the patients and insurance.

Feedbacks from the patients and their relatives are necessary; sharing the information with SATURK, employing software.

Safety comes first

For the most part, to undergo a medical procedure in the country will be a safe experience, specifically in regards with the serious curative procedures, in few of the leading hospitals. There are several medical centers in Turkey that boasts an affiliation with few of the leading national hospitals in Turkey. There are medical institutions that are famed for their cancer treatment and recognized by first rated global cancer research institutes.

Medical or health tourism is one of the country’s fastest developing industries and is also estimated for contributing around 4billion US Dollars to Turkey’s economy per year. People from all over the world visit Turkey for getting wide array of medical processes, starting from cosmetic surgery to any other surgery. The surgeries may cost between few hundred dollars and around 20000 US Dollars.

The low cost treatments still are the most attractive reason for majority of the visits. In USA, the healthcare costs are extremely high; even for those having medical insurance. For instance, the average fee for heart valve replacements in USA will cost around 150000US Dollars whereas in Turkey, heart valve treatment will cost around 17000US Dollars. The shorter waiting time period is a big advantage of visiting Turkey for health tourism.

In USA, the patients will have to wait for months in order to receive a knee replacement surgery. Harboring the excruciating pain for a long time will become unbearable for the patients. In Turkey, the patients undergo the needed operations in less than two weeks, since the booking time. It is a simple equation for many; the less time they will spend for waiting for the operations, the sooner the patients will get back to their feet. We at Health Services Turkey will provide the patients with the best possible medical aid.


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