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Nose Job Done Right

Rhinoplasty is most commonly known as ‘nose job’. It has been round the corners for some years now. People who have been unhappy with the shape of their nose have been taking resort to rhinoplasty. With the help of this surgery you can give a desired shape to your nose.

Healtcare Turkey is well known for its rhinoplastic surgeries. We keep in mind all the safety measures that will help you to retain the shape of the nose that you want. The nose is one of the most important facial assets. Some people are born with beautiful noses and some are not. The latter always feel what if they could change their nose. Since it is not possible with the help of a simple prayer, it is made possible with Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty lets the surgeons to reconstruct your nose if there has been an accident or a physical deformity.

What are the benefits of Rhinoplasty?

You can go for a Rhinoplasty for the following reasons:
1. Treating physical or accidental deformities
2. You can sharpen, lift of lower down the tip of your nose
3. The shape of your nose can be broadened or narrowed
4. The nostrils can be inflated or shrunk according to your wish
5. Beautifies your face
6. Changes your facial appeal
7. Gives you an unique and desired look
8. Reduces the space between the nose and the upper lip
9. Does away with the bone spurs on the nose

How can you get a nose surgery done?
You may desire and agree to get a nose surgery done but it is also very important to consult a beautician or especially a doctor before you go for one. It is advised that you come to professionals like us who deal seriously with such cosmetic surgeries. We are a class apart and know what is best for you. With our team of experts and doctors we give you the best support. Let the plastic surgeon know what you want because it will be easier for him or her to go ahead with the surgery. It is better to do so because repeating the surgery will be a long procedure once again.
The best time to get a rhinoplasty done is when you are young. Since your skin is still supple, your surgery will have a greater success rate. In case you happen to face some irritations or problems consult the surgeon immediately.

Application of the Rhinoplasty
Extra tissues can be added on to your nose for enhancing the shape. During the time of the nose surgery, several other operations can be done to give a completely new shape to your nose. General or local anesthesia will be applied to you before rhinoplasty is done. The ataractic drug is also given before the anesthesia. It helps you to be comfortable while the operation takes place. To carry out the surgery an incision is made at the nostrils from where the operation would commence. This helps in re-shaping the nose by using medical equipments.
You have nothing to fear since we do not use anything that is banned or illegal. Some pain may be felt after the surgery. The splint provided, should be taken out in a week of the surgery. Also, keep your head higher as it will reduce any swellings. 

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