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Risk, advantages and aftercare of nose surgery in Istanbul


Risk, advantages and aftercare of nose surgery in Istanbul

Advantages of nose surgery

Upgraded appearance- This is kind of why people want to get nose job at the first place. With the help of nose surgery you can make changes in your face. We don’t always like what we were born with and an enormous nose is one of them. So, if you have been unhappy with how your nose looks then a cosmetic nose surgery Istanbul will be your saviour. Your facial features will upgrade and you will look better with permanent results.

New found confidence- With a new nose you will feel like a new you. If you have been unhappy with the way you look and have been made fun of then a nose surgery can help you profoundly. With the enhanced facial features you will again feel better about yourself and gain your confidence back. Because of that you can socialize with people and overall improve your social image. So, to raise your confidence level you only need is a nose surgery in Istanbul.

Physical improvement- Apart from being confident and good looking, you can also get rid of nasal problems easily. Many people suffer from nasal discomfort such as breathing problems while they are sleeping or in general, respiratory issues etc. You can also get rid of the snoring issue with this procedure. So, all in all, a complete physical and mental change with a small surgery.

Risk factors of Rhinoplasty

Apart from being one of the best solution for you mental and physical problems, cosmetic nose surgery Istanbul also have some risks too.

  • You can feel pain even after months of the procedure. Because the surgery technically alter the bone, the pain is inevitable.
  • Swelling is also a common factor but can turn into risk.
  • You can also feel difficulty while breathing and in that case contact your doctor.
  • You might not get the ideal results if you have unrealistic expectations.
  • If not done by a professional, your nose might get poorly structured.
  • Your nose also get permanent scar from the surgery.
  • Because of the thick overlaying on our nose sometimes getting the ideal result can be difficult.

Aftercare of nose surgery

After the surgery is done you need to make sure that you are doing all the things instructed by the surgeon. These are things you should keep in check…

  • Make sure to have completed rest after nose surgery in Istanbul.
  • Take your medication that were prescribed to you.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or have caffeine for at least two weeks.
  • Do not do heavy exercises as it can cause heavy breathing.
  • You should also avoid sunlight for quite some time.
  • Don’t sleep on your side and keep your nose levelled.

Don't panic before the surgery

It’s quite normal for patients to get in a panic mode before the surgery. But in those moments, keep in mind that the surgeon is experienced and he know what he is doing. So, you need to find the best in the business for this reliability. Cosmetic nose surgery Istanbul is a heavily practiced procedure, this many people come here for their nose correction. You don’t have to worry about anything going wrong.


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