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Solve your dental issues with the implant applications in Turkey


Solve your dental issues with the implant applications in Turkey

Know about Implant Odontotheraphy

Implant Odontotherapy is an implantation procedure which helps you to place a new set of teeth. Through this process, the doctors placed the new teeth set to the empty part of your jaw bone in place of your lost teeth.

So, if you are upset with your teeth lose issue then this procedure will be the ideal solution for you. Moreover, this treatment also works great on any kind of dental deformity. This dental deformity can also cause mastication diseases.

The significance of Implant Odontotheraphy

Are you facing issues of mystification? Then you can opt for implant applications as it is the best way to get rid of dental hygiene issues, gingival issue. Additionally, the most amazing fact is that dental implants will not cause you eating or speaking issue. Moreover, you do not have to invest a long time for going for this dental implantation process.

In comparison with another medical process, the adaptation process is much shorter. Apart from this, implant applications delivers you with the organic experiences. However, while you are going to opt for dental implantation then you need to ensure that absorb-able materials have been used your tooth enamel as it can give you natural appeal.

Does this implant application cause reaction?

Generally, while you are opting for implant applications in Turkey you should know that in general screws have been used for dental implantation. However, the screws have been made of zirconium that will never react with gingival and dentine. So, you do not have to be worried about the reaction in case of dental implantation.

Different stages of implantation treatment

The dental implant applications has been done through different stages. So, let us know about the stages from below.

Proper planning: In this step, you have to undergo for radio-logical examination where your bone structure, anatomical structure, and bone quality has been diagnosed properly. Apart from this, an intraoral examination has also been carried out for proper planning of the implantation process.

Surgical application: The whole surgical procedure mainly depends on the patient's condition. The implant cavities have usually been prepared and placed in your jawline to give you some relief from your dental pain.

Process of recovery

The Implant Odontotheraphy ensures you of speedy recovery as it will take near about 1 week for melting or removing the stitches. However, the recovery duration entirely depends on your surgical process or issues type. So, in that case, it can take up to 15 months to 4 months for the recovery process.


After the recovery process, the prosthesis construction has been started and this treatment will take 3-4 days to complete.

So, you can easily opt for this implantation application for your dental issues. The dental experts of Turkey will never ask you for a huge cost for serving you with the best care.


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