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The biggest advantages of PRP treatment in Istanbul


The biggest advantages of PRP treatment in Istanbul

Our blood have platelet and this helps to stops the blood clotting when bleeding occurs. Not only that, it also promote the growth of tissue and produces new tissue. Why it happens? Because of platelet contains proteins and growth factors in it. Once injected, the platelet will start working on healing the damaged tissues and replacing them with a new one. Now that you know how it works, let’s look at its advantages.

Making it works with your own blood

The biggest advantage of PRP aesthetics in Istanbul is that you won’t have to worry about any severe consequences as you are getting treated by your own blood. This whole procedure reduces the chances of your body rejecting the treatment and increase the overall sanitary factors. You won’t have to worry about having any infection or anything.

Promotes your body’s natural healing process

As said above, the platelet rich plasma therapy promotes the natural healing process of your body, which is why you have to worry about the artificiality of the result. Meaning, your body will heal in a natural way and you will look natural but better than ever before.

Works as both skin and hair treatment

This unique rejuvenating therapy has been proven effective for both of our main body part, that is our skin and hair.

Skin- PRP treatment in Istanbul has been proven to be more effective for your skincare routine. If injected perfectly your skin can have more glow, volume, rejuvenation and it will remove any kind of scar from your face. This treatment also helps you to look younger by removing wrinkles, promoting your skin’s elasticity and generate new collagen fibres. So, you can have that blemish free younger looking skin you’ve always wanted.

Hair- Having hair problems? Then leave it all to PRP. With this therapy your hair will get stronger and shinier. If you are worried about your hair thinning or balding, then you can use PRP aesthetics in Istanbul to reverse your hair’s health easily.

Long-term effective results

Another biggest advantage of this treatment is the long-lasting effects. The treatment will only take a minutes to perform and after that the results will be with you for a longer time. According to many patients, the result last for about one year after two sessions of this therapy. And if you take more sessions, the result will stay much more longer.

Risk-free process and no side effects

Another big reason why you should choose PRP treatment in Istanbul. There are so many aesthetic operations and treatments but none of those offers a risk free result. But because you are injecting your own blood to the affected area, you won’t have think about any infections, scarring, bruising, swelling etc. So, overall , you can take this treatment as many times as you can without any worries.

Disadvantages of PRP treatment

With this many benefits, one bound to get a little curious about its disadvantages. Well, there aren’t many but there is one disadvantage that can be a deal breaker for you. PRP aesthetics in Istanbul is not effective everywhere. Meaning, this treatment cannot treat more areas in your bodies. It is only effective on your skin and for your hair but outside these regions it’s useless.


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