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The hospitals that provide Organ Transplantation in Turkey


The hospitals that provide Organ Transplantation in Turkey

A boon for many

The medical professionals in Turkey provide the leading best complete spectrum for the diseases, the treating of the diseases, also surgical interventions. Organs transplantation can take place in case of heart, liver, kidneys, bone marrow and also for the cornea, with high rate of success. The country is considered among the largest, also the most experienced place for transplantation services in Turkey. When the patients are referred to Turkey, they will be taken care of in some of the globally famed hospitals in the Turkey. In the transplant centers, the heath-care experts are skilled in several areas and work for making sure to provide quality care for successful recoveries as well as favorable results from the transplant surgeries. The Organ Transplantation centers guide the organ receivers during the care stages, along with multi-disciplinary surgeon teams, nurses, physicians, nutritionists, therapists, pharmacists, psychologists, all along with other experts who are trained in the field of organ transplantation.

About patients’ rate of survival

Considered pioneer in the field of organ transplantation, the first such operation took place in the year 1975 in Turkey. There are several medical organizations in the country that house state of the art technology and also leading edge medical along with surgical interventions for providing individualized health care for the patients having chronic diseases. The expert surgeons from Turkey have performed over 3500 transplantation surgeries and have achieved few of the most excellent graft as well as the patient rates of survival. The Organ Transplantation pediatric programs at various medical centers are major center referrals for the organ transplantation and for making sure for optimal treatments prior to, during and subsequent to the operations. Many of the medical universities provide training for the next generations of transplantation. Turkey is always bringing fresh talents to the care of the patients and also to improve the care of the transplant recipients.

Aid for millions of patients

The transplantation success is associated to the compliance of the regulations and also the legislation, co-ordination and education issues. The main goal is supposed to be increasing the organ donation from the Cadavers. Millions of patients are awaiting suitable organs in many parts of the world. To transplant the organs, which is applied in the land of Turkey and also in many other parts of the world, is the subject of many scientific fields. The medical professionals from the present age study the human health, have applied transplant for protecting human life and have applied rules and codes for applications. The Health Services Turkey is one of the best health and medical tourism organization for the patients of Turkey as well as for the foreign patients.


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