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The procedure of getting fit with liposuction in Turkey


The procedure of getting fit with liposuction in Turkey

We all want that perfectly sculpted figure that we see on magazines. But it’s not easy to achieve without liposuction in Turkey. With the help of liposuction, you can easily achieve that hourglass figure you have always dream of. Both men and women can get help from this surgery, so men can also get a fit body with the help of liposuction. So get ready to become fit and fabulous without the need of strict diet and exercise.

Where liposuction can be done?

Many people don’t know that with liposuction in Turkey cost can be done more than one area of our body. But with the help of this surgery, you can remove fat from different part of your body. Such as…

  • Abdomen
  • Hips and thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Calves and ankles
  • Upper arms
  • Chest and back
  • Chin and neck

Apart from these body parts, liposuction can be used for breast reduction also or as the treatment for Gynecomastia.

What happens in liposuction?

When you constantly gain weight, your mass develops fatty cells and it increases in size too. Sometimes this also happens because of hormone problems and other genetic misbalance. Liposuction in Turkey removes the number of fat cells from the area, depending on your need and the volume of fat. After this procedure, the skin will mould itself against the newly contoured area but the quality result will depend on your skin quality. In order to be able to get liposuction, you must have good health without any issues that can cause harm after the surgery.

Results after the surgery

Well, the result may take some time and can differ from person to person. After the surgery, you will see some swelling on the area but it will go away after some time. After several months of liposuction in Turkey cost, you will start seeing the leaner appearance of your body. The result will be long-lasting but it totally depends on your diet and maintenance. As long as you are following your surgeon's advice, you will not have to worry about anything. Make sure to take your prescribed medications and avoid eating foods that are prohibited. There are so many people who get liposuction from Turkey and now they are living a healthier life without any problems. You can also achieve that with the help of the best plastic surgeons easily.

Risk factors of this surgery

There is some risk that can happen with this surgery. So it’s better that you know all about these before finalizing your decision.

  • As said above, if your skin doesn’t have good elasticity then be prepared to get some complications. Your skin can appear loose and bumpy on the surgery surface. During the process of removing fat cells with the thin tube can leave a permanent spotted appearance on that area after liposuction in Turkey cost.
  • You may feel numbness after the surgery. Because the procedure includes using the thin tube, that can cause temporary or permanent numbness or nerve irritation.
  • A medical emergency called fat embolism can happen. Pieces of broken fat can be trapped in blood vessels and travel to the brain.
  • Though it’s very unlikely to happen, skin infection can also occur.
  • After the surgery, fluid pockets may appear on that area. Which can be get rid of with a needle.
  • The most dangerous side effects are kidney and heart damage. Because of the sudden shift of fluid level, your heart or kidney can face life-threatening conditions.
  • During the liposuction in Turkey, the cannula tube can harm your internal organs if it pushed too deeply. This may cause a medical emergency but this doesn’t happen often.


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