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Tone your legs with leg Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Turkey


Tone your legs with leg Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Turkey

What is thighplasty or thigh life?

The most stubborn part to change on our leg is the upper leg portion or our thighs. In this particular part cellulite and fat stores that gives an awful outer image. If someone has been obese their whole life and suddenly lost a lot of weight, their thighs may appear slimmer but it will also lose its elasticity at the end.

Here are the different thighplasty options you can choose from…

  • Mini thigh lift procedure

If you don’t have that much soggy skin on your thighs, only on the upper area of your legs, you can get this procedure. You will be qualified after proper inspection of the area and then proceed to make appointment for the surgery. Your surgeon won’t need much time to do the process and you only have a minimal scarring afterwards. Mini thigh lift also needs less time to heal.

  • Inner thighplasty for full toning

Inner thighplasty is much more complicated than mini thigh lift. That’s why you need to find an ideal clinic for this leg aesthetics and plastic surgery Turkey. Our inner thighs gets soggy with age and no matter of diet or exercise can change that.

With inner thighplasty, your surgeon will make an incision from your pubic area to the junction when the thigh starts. This is important to make the most discreet incision towards the underlying tissues of that area. After that, your surgeon will proceed to cut off the extra soggy skin along with fatty tissues and then proceed to tighten the skin on that area. So, that’s how you will have a toned and contoured leg.

  • Bilateral thigh lift for outer thighs

This thighplasty helps with the outer part of your thighs and it’s applied to tighten the skin on the front and outer part of your legs. With this procedure, you can easily get that “V” shape below your abdomen just like a runaway model. Mainly, this surgery is for those who have lost a lot of weight and now are left with soggy skin all over. Because the extra skin of your legs will be lifted and stretched upwards, it will also lift your buttock alongside.

  • Medial thigh lift for upper inner thighs

This is also a fairly easy procedure like mini thigh lift at the leg aesthetics and plastic surgery Turkey. With this surgery, you can achieved that ideal shape you have always wanted. After making the incision at the groin, the excess skin will be pulled and reshaped with surgery. Giving you the tight and toned upper thigh shape at the end. This surgery may cause vertical scarring from your groin to the cease of your buttocks. But it will go away after some time.


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