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Treat your hair better with hair botox treatment in Istanbul


Treat your hair better with hair botox treatment in Istanbul

How does it works?

Hair botox treatment in Istanbul doesn’t actually contains botulinum, which is the main ingredients of botox, but it works just like it. It helps to bring the lively look of your hair by making it full, shinny and luscious. Once the treatment is applied on your hair, it will repair all the broken and thin areas of your hair, making it look smoother and fuller.

Who can use this treatment?

Basically people with poor hair quality are the best candidate for this treatment. Such as…

  • Thin hair
  • Split ends
  • Frizzy hair
  • Before straightening your hair
  • Damaged hair
  • Any type of problematic hair

How effective is the procedure?

Right now, hair botox is a popular trend now, needless the botox Istanbul price. So, people from everywhere are massively using this treatment. Some people are also applying this at their own home by buying the products. But to be at a safe side, it would be better to take a professional's help. A professional would know what kind of products and what proportion you will need based on your hair type.

After application, the result will last for 2 to 3 months in total and if you be more careful, it can last longer. If you use sulfate-free or low sulfate products, you can preserve the result even more.

Cost of hair botox?

The initial hair botox Istanbul price may differ from places to places. But this is most definitely not a cheap treatment, that’s for sure. Even this procedure may cost less than a surgery but you can’t save up money for it by cutting your wedges. To look great for the next couple of months you may have to spend $200 to $300 for a single time procedure. But the price also depends on from where you are getting the treatment.

Although, you can do your own hair botox treatment in Istanbul but it is strongly advised not too. It might be good for your wallet but it will not be good for your hair that much because you will be dealing with strong chemicals. As the procedure is very complication, and you might not get the outcome you’ve been waiting for.

What are the risks of this treatment?

Even though, it is a fairly clean process but too much of hair botox might cause some troubles for you. Most of the professionals do not recommend to apply this treatment for more than 3 times per year. Because then your hair starts to get thin, damaged and broken. However, even after applying hair botox, you might not see the result. And the botox Istanbul price is quite a lot, so you need to seek an experienced person for the job.

You can also use botox injections on your hair but it will only works for greasy and frizzy hair. You will not be able to make it shine without the hands on treatment. However, after some months you will see the effects go away after the botox has been absorbed completely. In these cases the best thing would be to seek a professional's advice to make up your mind about this treatment.


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