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Types of odontotherapies to take care of your oral health


Types of odontotherapies to take care of your oral health

Having a perfect smile can make a very good impression when you are socializing. And Odonto Therapies procedures can help you get that easily. People often don’t take proper care of their oral health, which can create many problems for them in future. So, in order to take care of your teeth and get a gorgeous smile, you need to think about these dental procedures.

How many types of dental procedure is there?

  • Teeth whitening procedure

If you have yellow teeth even after brushing twice regularly, then you may have some kind of condition which discolours your teeth. Teeth discolouration can also happen because of smocking and lack of care. No matter whatever the cause is, teeth whitening can make your teeth whiter and brighter and remove discolouration and all kind of stains. You can either make an appointment at odonto therapies in Turkey or you can also do this procedure at home. However, this kind of procedure should be done by a professional to avoid errors.

  • Custom dental shaping

A dental shaping or teeth shaping is a procedure where the dentist fills the gaps or breakages of your tooth. This process is fairly painless and will be over quickly. But these fillings are not for forever, you may have to refill or remove the enamel every other year based on your budget.

  • Cosmetic veneers of teeth

Dental veneers help people to get rid of misshaped teeth easily. If you have chipped your tooth, damaged it an accident or if you have teeth discolouration; cosmetic veneers can help you. These veneers are thin shells made with porcelain or composite material. Each of these shells is customised and placed to the front side of your tooth. This odontotherapies process can help you to make your crooked smile better along with removing space in between the tooth.

  • Cosmetic teeth implants


These implants work just like they sound. If you are missing a tooth you can place a customised tooth in that place to reduce complications. These titanium implants will be surgically placed on your jawbone. This odontotherapies procedure is a one time process, that means you won’t need other sessions of it.

  • Cosmetic teeth crowns


Teeth crowns work just like veneers but the only difference is, they can be placed on any part of your mouth. Teeth crown are also custom-made by your dentist with porcelain or acrylic. If you have poorly build tooth, broken tooth or chipped tooth, then a teeth cap or crown can cover the whole tooth to reshape your teeth.

  • Cosmetic orthodontic


This odontotherapies in Turkey is not only for kids anymore. Adults can also better their teeth position and appearance with the help of an orthodontic specialist. If you have crooked, chipped, broken or damaged teeth, one orthodontic procedure can take care of all those problems.

Are there any risks of odontotherapies?

Odontotherapies is basically a dental procedure to treat cavities along with taking care of other problems. These dental procedures are completely risk-free and without any health hazards. However, minor side effects may occur due to the wrong occlusion but these can easily be taken care of by your dentist. You need to make sure to do frequent check-up for sometime after a procedure, to keep safe from any hazards.

Dental procedures are fairly straightforward and painless due to the application of anaesthesia. So, you don’t need to worry much. But make sure that you have appointed a reputed dentist for the procedure. You can easily find many accomplished and experienced dentists to choose from. In Turkey, there are many dental clinics according to everyone’s budget. So, book your appointment today.


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