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Types of the best mammaplasty at the best clinic in Istanbul


Types of the best mammaplasty at the best clinic in Istanbul

Mammoplasty is a common plastic surgery for women to have. This type of plastic surgery helps a women to feel comfortable as well as beautiful. With the help of mammaplasty best clinic in Istanbul now any women can enhance their figure by reshaping, reducing, lifting or reconstructing their breast.

And if you are here, you are also thinking about mammoplasty. Well, you are at the right place. Here you will learn the difference between different types of breast surgeries and how each of these can help you enhance your appearance.

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Having the perfect set of breast for women is very important, as that is what define their womanhood. But for some women they feel the lack of confidence because of their small breast size. And this realisation can come due to many reasons such as, they might think that their build is big in comparison of their breast. Or when losing weight, women can also simultaneously lose their breast size. Thus, in those situations, they can choose breast augmentation surgery to increase their breast sizes according their wish. To put it simply, you can gain your confidence back with mammaplasty in Istanbul cost easily.

What is breast reduction surgery?

Along with the breast augmentation surgery there is also a type of mammoplasty that is used for reducing the breast size. Having large set of breast may seem like a good thing for some people but it’s indeed a horror story to those who has them. As it associates with back pain, poor posture problems, neck pain, bra strap indentation, skin irritations, numbness etc. And that is why far too many women come to the mammaplasty best clinic in Istanbul to get rid of this many problems. With the help of modern technology, the surgeon will easily remove the excess fat and tissue of your breast and then you can live a burden free life.

What is breast reconstruction surgery?

Apart from increasing and decreasing the breast size, there is also breast reconstruction surgery that help to contour, reshape and overall recreate your breast. If you want, you can use your own skin tissue or implants to recreate your breast. You can add volume to your breast, change the areola and nipple diameter or correct other issues with this type of mammaplasty in Istanbul cost effectively.

What is breast lift surgery?

Women often suffer from odd shaped breast that hang too low from chest. This can happen due to the elasticity issue of the skin, the growing age of the patient, breastfeeding for too many years, sudden weight loss etc. Regardless the cause, you can now lift your breast up and make them appear youthful like it used to in your teen years. And to do it, the excess skin will be removed from your breast after the lifting process. So, make sure to choose the right mammaplasty best clinic in Istanbul for a hassle free procedure.

Facts of breast surgery that you should know

  • You should know that breast reduction surgery can interfere with your breastfeeding abilities.
  • You might also have problem with some diagnosis procedures in future.
  • After pregnancy your breast size can alter regardless the fact of your surgery.
  • In case of breast augmentation surgery, if the surgeon have not used good quality silicon then you can easily get infection.
  • Don’t think about the mammaplasty in Istanbul cost, as low cost surgeries can be harmful for you.
  • You might have to live with unfavourable scarring.
  • You might feel sensation now and then.
  • You might notice skin discoloration, or poor breast construction.
  • Vein damage is also one of the side effects.


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