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The Department Of Urology To Take Care Of Your Ailments


The kidneys, bladder, urethra and ureters make up the urinary or the renal system. The main function of the renal system is to drain out the waste water from our body. It also helps to control the levels of metabolites and electrolytes, blood pH level and blood volume and blood pressure. Like all other organs or systems of the human body, the renal system is also extremely vital for the smooth working of the physiology. Unless it is well regulated we might face problems as well as suffer from diseases. 

A proper care of the renal or the urinary system has to be taken by you by consuming enough amount of water and excreting at regular intervals. Kidney stones appear when you do not consume sufficient amount of water or refrain from visiting the washroom quite often. We are providing   extremely well trained group of urologists in Turkey who take care of any problem related to the renal system or any other related disease that you might suffer from. It is better not to delay the treatment. So the moment you feel nauseous or observe any kind of abnormalities, immediately consult a doctor. Neglecting the symptoms or signs can only make you suffer in the long run.

Symptoms for urinary tract infection

It is a painful infection that happens to bring high temperature in some. You are advised not to urinate in any open or dirty areas since the harmful germs and bacteria travel up your urinary tract through the urine.  This cause extreme irritation and illness.

  • Constant irritation at the time of urination
  • Strong stench in the urine
  • Abdominal pain
  • A burning sensation while urinating 
  • Peeing in small amounts but quite frequently

Diseases of the Bladder

Ureterovesical Junction Obstruction Diseases: This disease can be treated with endoscopic enlargement treatment and surgical operations.

Tumor: It can be treated with drug applications into the bladder and endoscopic treatment.

Infectious Diseases: Medical treatments are applied after thorough endoscopic examinations.

Vesicoureteral Reflux: This can be treated with endoscopic treatment and surgical operations.

Bladder Stone: Treatment of intracorporeal lithotripsy and surgical operations.

Bladder Tube and Prostate Diseases

Urinary Incontinence on women: It can be treated with endoscopic operations and open surgeries.

Short length of the bladder tube: It can be treated with open surgeries and temporary bladder drainage.

Enlargement of the Prostate: It can be treated with open surgical operations, medicines and endoscopic methods of treatments.

Infection in the Prostate: It can be cured with the help of medicinal drugs.

Diseases of the Urethra and Its Treatments

Urethritis: this disease can be cured with the help of medical drug therapy.

Short length of the Urethra: this problem can be treated with the enlargement of the urethra, endoscopic method and open surgeries.

Calculus in Urethra: It can be treated with endoscopic methods for a better result.

Priarus Diseases and Its Treatments

Penile Curvature and Peyronie's Disease: This ailment can be treated with the help of injection treatments, medical drug therapies and open surgical operations.

Impotence Operations: Problematic regions can be detected by the papaverine test and ultrasound imaging with a Doppler. Both drug therapy and surgeries can improve the blood flow and penile prosthesis surgeries.

Banalities and Phimosis: It can be treated with medicines and circumcision.

Hypospadias and Fistula: These two problems can be treated with surgical operations.

Diseases of Scrotum and Testicle

Male Infertility: to treat this problem several treatments can be applied.Infection, Trauma and Tumors of Scrotum: This is a highly complex problem. It can be treated well with medical drug therapy and surgical operations.

Varicocele: this can be treated with proper in-take of medical drug therapies, surgical operations and microsurgeries.

Hydrocele: It can be treated with fluid aspiration and surgical operations.

Testicular Neoplasms: It can be treated constant follow up and surgical operations.

Kidney Diseases and Its Treatments

Kidney Stone: It can be treated with drug therapy, treatment of intracorporeal lithotripsy, endoscopic treatment, percutaneous nephrolithotripsy and open surgical operations.

Abscess and Injection of Kidney: Medical treatment and operational drainage of the abscess can be applied.

Kidney Cyst: It can be treated with local percutaneous intervention and cyst operations.

Trauma and Physical Injuries of Kidney: Medical and maintenance treatments, repairing operations and the removal of kidney.

Canal Stenosis and Occlusion of Kidney: They can be treated with endoscopic treatment, treatment with percutaneous nephrostomy drainage and stenosis operations.

Kidney Tumor: Partial and radical nephrectomy operations can be applied.

Ureter Diseases and Its Treatments

Ureteral Strictures: Endoscopic dilatation and laser treatments, catheter applications and surgical operations.

Traumas and Tumors of Ureter: as when surgical operations.

Ureteral Calculi: Medical treatment, treatment of intracorporeal lithotripsy and surgical operations.

Our Promise 

We render the best of services in the field of urology. By saying that we also promise to send you home after curing you completely. If you can manage to send your medical files and reports to us, we will definitely look into it with the help of our contractual physicians. Soon after, you will be informed about the commencement of your treatment. You can rely on us as we will make sure that you get all the medical attention that you need as per your ailment.  

We advise you to talk frankly with our physicians as it will help them to understand your problem better. This will lead to a ready diagnosis of the disease and the procedure will not be delayed. 

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