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Why General surgery operations in Turkey are considered among best in the world?


Why General surgery operations in Turkey are considered among best in the world?

There was a time when Turkey was counted for historical healing sites. Since then to modern age, Turkey has some of the best health care faculties in the world. This rapid transformation in the health care facility has put it straight to the top ten destinations for varied kind of health care treatments. General surgery operations in Turkey are among the most sought after treatments both for local and foreign patients.

Reasons for choosing Turkey for general surgery

When prescribed for general surgery, you want to get operated in a hospital and by surgeons who have your health as their top priority. This is the exact reason; health care in Turkey is revered. Here right, safety and privacy are top priorities for the healthcare system. Under no circumstances they compromise on any of these factors. The level of dedication combined with knowledge, expertise and modern technologies have brought mortality rate considerably down.

  • Strict government rules - The hospitals in Turkey operate in strict adherence to government health care policies. The government ensures that there is no chance of any kind of negligence or malpractice on the part of the hospitals. They are regularly audited an also earn international accreditation.
  • General and high risk surgeries - General surgeries of common types like Hemorrhoid surgery, Abdominal and Inguinal Hernia Repair, Laparoscopic Gallbladder and appendix removal surgery, thyroid removal surgery are very expertly performed in hospitals in surgery. Even the most complex surgeries like that of brain, heart, spine etc are also expertly performed by very able surgeons and highest standards of technology.
  • Qualified doctors – The doctors, surgeons and the complete medical staff in any leading hospital in Turkey are excellently trained. There number of doctors going for specialization and super specialization is very high. The passion for knowledge and advancement that drives doctors. They believe in providing the best for the patients.

How high end technology changed the healthcare standards

The success rate of general surgery operations in Turkey are very high because the use of high end technology, the latest ones available anywhere in the world. Most of the hospitals use very sophisticated machinery to diagnose and monitor patient health. There is very limited scope human error. Some of the latest technologies used by Turkish hospitals are PET CT, TRUEBEAM, 3 Tesla MRI, Intraoperative MRI, Robotic surgery, Rapid Arc, IGRT, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, gamma knife and cyberknife are some of the technologies use for advanced surgeries.

Facts about hospital accommodation in Turkey

Hospitals in Turkey operate only when they are properly certified either nationally or internationally. They are some of the best rated hospitals of the world. Not only do they provide with high class treatment but treat the patients with superior comfort. From hospital aesthetics to views and hygiene, everything is maintained to the highest order. Homely behavior of the medical staff who are fluent in English as well as Turkish language tries their level best to make patients feel at home. Post operative care for General surgery operations in Turkey, is largely emphasized.

Turkey offers rapid medical care at reasonable cost

General surgeries often demand fast treatment. Any delay may cause further compilations. The medical system in Turkey does not believe in making the health wait for any patient. Even there is pressure on the health system owing to the large number of national and international patients seeking treatment; the hospitals manage to offer treatments within very short waiting time to each patient. General surgery operations in Turkey can be scheduled within very short period of time. The rapid response is one if crucial factors that saves lives.


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