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Why Turkey ?

Turkey is one of the best providers of modern medical treatments

Why Turkey is among the most excellent options if it’s about medical tourism

The health ministry controls and manages the health services in Turkey. The central government helps a lot in doing the job. More than a decade ago, the Turkish government introduced the health care programs for the common people.

Medical tourism strengths of Turkey

Housing many of the themes of available sources for thermal and also ranking the nation in the first place in the continent of Europe, in terms of having the majority numbers of thermal sources.

Turkey carries a global positive image.

The nation has suitable climate for all the seasons.

Having quality human resources particularly the medical staff.

The health services in Turkey are way more affordable as compared to other countries.

One of the most vital advantages of the country is that medical or health tourism is controlled by an institution that coordinates the tourism happenings and also having policies for the states.

The nation ranks second when it comes to number of accredited hospitals with JCI.

Turkey is a historical and popular tourist center.

The country is having a world class airway facility. The easy visa processes make the Turkey worth a visit.

In the last few years, Turkey has grown into a state with greatly improved medical infrastructure. The nation can highly compete with any other nation from the west.

To have a three hours distance of flight for the population of 1billion persons.

Housing serious potential of the personnel along with the young population.

More insights

Turkey is one of the leading players in the health and medical tourism sector and is increasingly emerging as one of the most preferred choice for wide array of medical aids. The country’s advantage if it is about medical tourism is high and great number of government approved and accredited medical centers in ophthalmic operations, metabolic and bariatric operations, cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgeries, oncologic and transplantations at really affordable prices.

The high quality services are provided with historical, cultural and natural attractions of the country. Medical and health tourism has emerged as a booming business in this part of the world, along with 700000persons visiting the country in the previous few years. Many of the travelers, who are traveling to Turkey, are due to the quality, costs, and waiting period and lastly the ultimate facilities.

The Joint Commission International or JCI has accredited around 32hospitals in Turkey. These hospitals are located in the land of Istanbul. In the year 2008, Turkey hosted around 80000 visitors for medical and health tourism. The figure has seen a steady rise in the last 10years and the expectations are that Turkey will see more and more tourists in the coming years. The land provides a better quality of medical treatment at very affordable prices as compared to other European nations.

Turkey was ranked among the top 5 best tourism destinations, by international media. South Korea was the second, while Thailand being the fourth. The nation has got some of the best accreditation credentials. Some of the hospitals are also in partnerships with few of the most appreciated hospitals in the whole world. We at Health Services Turkey are staffed with numerous highly skilled medical professionals, who are no less than the western doctors.

Why Turkey ?

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