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Why vaginoplasty in Turkey is important when thinking of mommy makeover?


Why vaginoplasty in Turkey is important when thinking of mommy makeover?

Childbirth is a life altering experience and a new mommy’s body undergoes much wear and tear, specially the vagina if it is natural childbirth. As a welcome change, new age mommies think of taking care of themselves as important as that of the newborn. Postpartum cosmetic makeover to restore before child birth appearance is a new and positive trend which is getting popular rapidly, vaginoplasty in Turkey is also gaining fast paced recognition.

What is vaginoplasty -a brief idea?

Vaginoplasty, the other name for the same process is posterior colporrhaphy, is a plastic surgery process done to tighten or reconstruct the vagina. It is an invasive surgical process tightening and repairing the loose skin of vagina which is often resulted after childbirth. It is a process that is done to deal with vaginal laxity experienced by many women after childbirth. Vaginoplasty in Turkey is one of the safest processes new moms can opt for.

Why you should opt for vaginoplasty?

The first reason why the process of vaginoplasty is opted for recommended is to restore and repair the function and appearance of vagina. Post child birth lack of vaginal laxity affects women’s life in several ways. It impacts sexual life negatively, women may experience reduced sexual pleasure. It may also affect a woman’s confidence and problems for using tampons properly. If you are suffering from any of such problems, seeking vaginoplasty in Turkey should be a needed step. As it is simple procedure that tightens the muscles and removed any extra tissue in the area you regain the original elasticity back.

Does vaginoplasty help women other than postpartum recovery?

Vaginoplasty does not only help women after childbirth, there are women who are also recommended the process. As women age their body undergoes many changes and hormonal shifts. They often complain of loose vaginal walls with advancing age. If you are experiencing similar condition, you can go for vaginoplasty when recommended by a doctor. The process is also recommended by doctors for congenital/birth defects for some women.

Risk and complications associated with the process of vaginoplasty.

Vaginoplasty like any other medical process includes some risks and some side effects. Some of the complications that might arise post surgery are vaginal dryness, dyspareunia, rectovaginal fistula, perineal restriction. The chances of these complications occurring are very low. Hence it can be considered as one of the safest Genital Cosmetic in Turkey.

Different types of genital cosmetic surgery

Female genital cosmetic surgeries have improved over the last decade. The performance of these surgeries and trust of patients have increased in last decade. Women have begun to shed inhibitions and try out these surgeries. Genital cosmetic includes many different kinds of surgeries for female genitals. Some of the most common surgeries are mentioned below.

  • Labiaplasty
  • Clitoral hood reduction
  • Hymenoplasty
  • Labia majora augmentation
  • G-spot amplification

What you should consider before going for genetic cosmetic Turkey?

As it is known that the genital cosmetic in Turkey is still in its nascent stage. If you have any condition which needs a cosmetic surgery, you must go for experienced doctors only. Lack of clear information, is one of the reasons many women feel anxious about such surgeries. But the truth is that when performed by experienced doctors surgeries for genital cosmetic in Turkey can bring in amazing results. Make sure to talk with your doctors regarding all the associated aspects of the surgery, this would help you earn confidence. If you need any of these surgeries, book your appointment now.


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