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Why you should think about ear plastic surgery in Istanbul


Why you should think about ear plastic surgery in Istanbul

Improve your confidence and self-esteem

The whole point of getting an otoplasty is to change the way you feel about yourself. An odd misshapen ear is not very good for our self-image and self-esteem. In fact, it brutally attacks our confidence level. People also tend to make fun when you have an evident physical flaw in you. So all in all, you misshapen ear may be causing too much problems for you. But once you are done with the ear surgery cost in Istanbul these problems will become history. You will again feel confident while going out with your friends and meeting new people. Hence, you can live a happy life.

Permanent solution for your live long problems

All your life long problems will be solved permanently with otoplasty. The whole trimming and reshaping the cartilage of your ear will last life long. You won’t have to worry about it angling differently after the surgery once the procedure is done. Plus if you have a oddly shaped set of ear like cupped or bended ear lobes, then ear plastic surgery in Istanbul is your only way to make it look natural permanently.

Enhanced ear proportion

The harmony of your facial features together makes you appear good looking. So, when that harmony gets mis balanced we tend to look odd in front others. That is why, big or cupped ear lobes make you look different. Ear plastic surgery in Istanbul will help you to correct cosmetic issues like cupped ear, lop ear and cauliflower ear. And if your ear have been affected because of an accident you can repair that damage too.

Fast recovery process after otoplasty

Once you are done with the surgery and gotten the perfect set of ear, it’s time for the recovery process. Patients of otoplasty surgery can expect a fast and straightforward recovery. There might be some swelling and bruising but it will not last for much long. Even though, you can resume to your daily activities but you must take care of your ear. Make sure that it stays in place and doesn’t get hit by anything. Also, you need to listen to your doctor’s instructions for a faster recovery after ear surgery cost in Istanbul.

Risks and precautions ear cosmetic surgery

Apart from being the best way to enhance your facial features, otoplasty also have some risks and precautions as well. And you need to know about these before you make a decision.

  • Don’t miss your prescribed medicine even one day.
  • You may see some bleeding but when it get out of control, call your doctor.
  • Just like bleeding, swelling is also normal but only for some time.
  • Do not wet your ears. You must not wet your ears until it is fully healed.
  • Don’t drink alcohol and caffeine until full recovery.
  • Make sure to follow your doctor’s advice throughout the whole procedure.
  • Ear surgery cost in Istanbul should be done with an experienced surgeons otherwise you may not get the ideal result.


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