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The different types of face aesthetic surgeries- Facial Aesthetic Istanbul


The different types of face aesthetic surgeries- Facial Aesthetic Istanbul

Facial aesthetics are very safe procedure because there is no need to put cannula tube or knife or other surgical tools to make the difference. Without prolonging much longer let’s look at the different facial aesthetics procedures…

Anti-aging fillers to reduce wrinkles

This is a very well-known and most practiced facial aesthetic. Anti-aging fillers or injections are used to make your face look visibly younger and wrinkle-free. Oftentimes, many people tend to get wrinkles even in their younger years. And this can happen due to stress, lack of sleep, tiredness etc. And in those times, you can easily get rid of these wrinkles with the anti-aging injections. But these injections are a temporary solution, you will have to take these continuously in order to make the result last. Many celebrities use these injections to stop excessive underarm sweating too.

Dermal fillers to reshape the face

These fillers are very popular among celebrities as it helps them to reshape their face and hide the flaws. Our face has a natural acid in it which helps to make our skin look healthy and hydrated. But it also diminishes with age, and that’s when dermal fillers help. Your can add volume and rejuvenate you skin with these fillers. Plus, you can fill up deep facial lines and smoothen your features. The best thing about this facial aesthetic Istanbul is the effect last longer even when the fillers dissolves. Once used, you will not have worry for 9 months.

These fillers can also be used for anti-aging purposes. As these fillers can smoothen the line and unwanted folds in our skin. Plus, if you want to remove scars or acne marks, you can make use of these fillers easily. And you face will not have a sign of any aesthetic process as it gives a very natural result.

Botox for radiant younger looking skin

Botox is the most common facial aesthetics among celebrities. Because, botox gives the best results in minutes. Botox is basically a natural protein that helps to smoothen your skin and make your face appear wrinkle free. It’s just like a eraser, removing all the fine aging lines and wrinkles. It can be used to reduce a variety of skin problems such as crow’s feet, brow line, smoker’s line etc. All in all, an all rounder treatment to give your youth back.

This procedure is completely painless

If you are worried about the pain that comes with injections, then don’t worry. Doctors use anaesthesia to ease the experience and give you a painless procedure. Before the procedure you will be given anaesthesia and then according to the doctor’s instructions, the procedure will carry on.

Are there any risks involving this procedure?

Because facial aesthetic Istanbul are non surgical, there are no high risk involved. But still, there might be some complications depending on your health. You may experience, irritation, bruising, swelling, infection or allergic reaction. It is very normal to feel slight tenderness or swelling after injecting the fillers. This may last for up to 24 hours and during that time you must avoid drinking coffee, alcohol and sunlight. You don’t need to worry about the complications, as long as you listen to your doctor you will be safe.


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