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Your guidebook of hair transplant Turkey- Treatment, Expectations & Risks


Your guidebook of hair transplant Turkey- Treatment, Expectations & Risks

Who wouldn’t want a head full of shinny hair? But not most us got it. Even if we did, due to aging, health issues or because of genetic health we lose it all at the end. And that’s when hair transplant Turkey comes to the rescue. You will get back your youthful appearance by getting back all your lost hair with a little surgery. Even though, there are other ways to regrow hair in the market, but none of them give assured results like this. So, if you are interested in hair transplant then stick here to get more information.

Why hair fall occur?

There are many reasons behind it. Such as…

  • Stress

  • Unhealthy lifestyle

  • Poor diet

  • Genetic flaws

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Medication

Regardless the cause, hair fall can be treated with hair transplant as it is based on surgical procedure.

How the treatment goes?

Hair transplantation Turkey cost may not be that low but the result is a surety. During the treatment, your head will be thoroughly cleaned to remove all the oil from your scalp. Then anaesthesia will be put on the surgical area. Then based on your choice or hair condition the surgeon may do the FUSS or FUE hair transplant.

With FUSS procedure, the surgeon will remove 6 to 10 inch section of skin from the back of your head. Then after sewing that area close the skin strip will get cut into 500 to 2000 tiny grafts. Each of these graft will have individual hair or few hairs, this totally depends on the type of hair, colour, quality and on the area where you are getting the transplant.

And in FUE procedure the back of your hair will be shaved. And then little hair follicles will be transferred to the bald area in grafts. These grafts will be sewed after the surgery is done leaving little dot scars behind. Both of these procedures may take 4-5 hours to complete. And you can continue getting hair transplant Turkey if you choose have thicker hair.

What to expect afterwards?

After you are done with the process you may feel soreness in your head for sometimes. Your doctor will prescribe you some painkillers for it. Plus, your head will be covered with bandages for two to three days. After that you can continue with your regular life.

Almost under a year you will get your worth of investing in hair transplantation Turkey cost. Now when it comes to the results, you will have to wait a month or two for it. The transplanted hair on your scalp will fall, but you can see growth of new hair there. 60% of new hair growth happens in 6 to 9 months.

What are the risks and cost?

Because this is a surgical procedure, there bound to have some risks involved. Hair transplant Turkey risks like inflammation, infection, unnatural hair growth and scarring can happen in some cases. After the growth of your new hair, you may feel inflammation in that area or even have folliculitis which is a kind of infection. But with some medication, these side effects can be removed easily. In some cases, you may even see witness your new grow hair falling but it will not be permanent.

Now when it comes to the cost, it may differ from one place to another. But generally hair transplantation Turkey cost starts from $4,000. A very reasonable amount compared to other places. You can also choose to pay in parts or with your insurance. You just need to find a fitting clinic according your needs.


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